Traveling long-term around the world with a family is a dream that many people long to realize, but it’s also the one that often seems impossible. However, with some organization, saving, and creativity, all is possible. Travelling can give you a lot of freedom, independence, adventure and education in locations ranging from very minimal ones to those of utter luxury.

Obviously, this kind of lifestyle isn’t for everybody and it does have its challenges, but it can also be the most rewarding thing you’ve ever tried! In that name, here are several precious traveling tips from a family of four who have just completed their one-year trip around Asia.


Preparing for an endeavor like this, chances are that you’re not a multi-millionaire who can sell the business and have plenty of cash to fund your travels.  On the contrary, most of you hold simple jobs which means the key step in your preparation is to start saving. Cutting costs, like living expenses, mortgage and eating out, can significantly free up your budget so you can invest in real estate or stocks that will provide long-term financial support for your traveling.

In addition, focus on acquiring skills that will be of use during your trip and help you sustain that kind of a lifestyle. For instance, learn all you can about web design, social media, homeschooling, online teaching, and coaching, as these are potential jobs you might be doing while on the road that will also allow you to earn some cash.

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Traveling with children

The idea of setting out into the world with just a suitcase is scary, but if you add your kids into the picture, most people would give up right at the start! Luckily, in reality, it just isn’t so. Whether your kids are babies and toddlers, or tweens and teens, they can bring so much joy to your adventure. They offer a unique perspective seeing the world through their innocent eyes and can give you lots of interesting ideas along the way. Surely, it won’t all be a picnic, and you’ll need to slow down your pace, but in the end, you’ll have a blast!

Your primary concern will be their education since they won’t be attending school. The solution is homeschooling and you can easily register as a homeschooler before you set off on your travel adventure. Also, educational opportunities lie everywhere, you just need to recognize them. Find online tips and help and do the research on most educational destinations that will inspire your kids and open their minds.

Working on the road

Traveling full-time will require you downsize and minimize, look for best bargains and make money on the road, mostly online. This will give you both location and financial independence. You might be required to combine strategies, like work in some countries, work online and even return home for a while, but it’s doable.

As a native speaker in Asia, you’ll easily find work at local schools as a mentor for underprivileged youth or as a language teacher. For instance, teaching English with Monkey Tree TEFL can be an excellent opportunity for you to earn extra cash, advance your teaching skills and also help children develop their language skills to the level of their mother tongue.

Saving tricks

Budgeting while traveling is, for most people, the biggest challenge as there are so many things that you must juggle. However, there are some simple tricks families on the road do to save money. For example, drive, cycle or moped whenever you can, and if you must fly occasionally, use your frequent flyer miles and purchase cheaper flights. At your destinations, stay with friends if you have them, or book accommodation through Airbnb instead of hotels.

Moreover, sign up for free activities with your kids, such as going to beaches, parks, and markets, watching the street performers, visiting churches and outdoor festivals. Get off the beaten path, live as the locals do, immerse yourself in the country’s culture and look for authentic experiences.

Family travel can certainly be stressful with all its logistics and ups and downs, but it’s also extremely rewarding. You travel and live together while creating unique memories and bonding over shared experiences which makes your family grow and learn in ways that are simply not possible at home.


5 Replies to “Tips from a Family of Four to Afford a Trip to Asia on Any Budget”

  1. This would be quite an adventure for a family. Lots of preparation and work would go into organizing and saving.

  2. I’d love to do this. Seeing China, Japan, Thailand, etc., is definitely on my bucket list.

  3. This sounds so wonderful! If I was 30 years young I would be doing something like this. My teacher friend sold her house, bought a van, remodeled it for sleeping, eating etc. She has a side job that she does about twice a month and that brings in enough month for the month.

  4. We are planning for our first international trip next year. Thanks for sharing such great points.

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