Breakfast and Dinner in a Train Car Restaurant

Train Car Restaurant

Amish country is by far one of the prettiest places I have been. A ride through the country brings a sense of calm with the views of beautiful homesteads complete with old (sometimes rustic) homes, perfectly groomed farmland, and large barns. Watching the Amish working in their fields and riding in their horse and buggies or on their bikes creates an appreciation for all their hard work and sacrifices. 

train car restaurant

Sometimes, driving in it can take a bit away from the experience. You can’t soak it all up when you are doing the driving (at least not safe driving). Taking a carriage ride is one way to be able to experience Amish country. Another way is to enjoy a meal at Casey Jones Restaurant. Casey Jones Restaurant is located at the Red Caboose Motel which sets perfectly in the heart of Amish country AND right beside the Strasburg Train Station. 

train car restaurant

As you sit, enjoying a delicious meal, horse and buggies pass by on the road, trains leave the Strasburg Station, and farmers work the fields across the way. It is definitely a beautiful and unique view that you can’t find just anywhere! 

train car restaurant

Eating in a train car restaurant is an experience your children will never forget. My boys were big Box Car Children book series fans. We read about every one of the books. Eating (and even sleeping) inside a caboose gave them a sense of nostalgia, reminiscing of the great adventures they joined Henry, Jessie, Violet, and Benny (The Boxcar Children) on when they were younger. 

train car restaurant


When we first arrived at the Red Caboose, we were all hungry. Their dinner menu had so many appetizing entrees on it. I enjoyed some homemade Lancaster meatloaf with mashed potatoes and steamed veggies.

train car restaurant

My husband went for the  Cheddar Jack Chicken which is smothered in Casey’s Birch Beer BBQ Sauce, Bacon, Cheddar & Colby Jack Cheese. My son tested out the BBQ ribs which he gave an A++ on. We finished our meal and headed to our Caboose to unload the car and get all unpacked. 

train car restaurant

Make sure you add a homemade soup or salad to it. The salad is very fresh and the soups are very flavorful!

homemade soup


Shortly after we unpacked, a storm was coming up. We had planned to drive into town for some dessert but we all remembered the dessert menu from our meal earlier at Casey Jones Restaurant so we hurried back to train car restaurant to fill our bellies while the storm rolled through. That was a neat view as well. We could see the lightning flashing out above the field beside the restaurant. 

Their Deep Dish Apple Crumb Pie hit the spot! With a side of ice cream and topped with whip cream, even my husband was taste testing MY Apple Crumb Pie. He had opted for some Turkey Hill Ice Cream along with my daughter while my younger son drained his root beer float. 

apple crumb pie


After a great night’s sleep in our little Red Caboose, we got up and walked over to Casey Jones Restaurant for a home cooked breakfast. Their breakfast menu had so many options to choose from (which you can get all day long). Let me just say, The Great Northern is a must to try (with strawberries, bacon, and home fries)!! I would drive another seven hours for it! YUM! 


Of course, this mama needed some coffee after almost a week’s worth of fun-filled days on vacation!

train car restaurant

My husband ordered their Bailey Yard Worker which is three scrambled eggs, home fries, sausage, ham, peppers, and onions all topped with Creamy American Cheese. Check this bad boy out…

breakfast food

My youngest son went for his usual, french toast. He got the adult-sized portion and finished the entire thing (which doesn’t always happen since he is not a big eater). My oldest is not a breakfast eater. He never really has been. He enjoyed a cup of fresh fruit as his breakfast which was just what he wanted. 

train car restaurant

If you want a taste of Lancaster, Amish Country, Strasburg Railway, unique dining, and great food, make sure you stop in for a meal at Casey Jones Restaurant in Ronks, Pennsylvania!

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