Top Valentine Gift Ideas for Your Love

Top Valentine Gift Ideas

Valentine’s Day. The day where over 36 million boxes of chocolates are sold for Valentine’s Day alone. Coming in right behind Christmas, Valentines Day is the second largest card giving day of the year. So, what about Valentine’s Day gifts other than chocolate and cards? Well, men are likely to spend double what the women spend! Sorry, guys! When choosing a Valentine gift, spend your money wisely. Choose a Valentine gift idea that will speak directly to your love’s heart the most.

Valentine gift ideas

He may be a chocolate kind of guy or he may be more interested in clothing, electronics, or jewelry. She may be a flower kind of girl, or she may love a gift certificate to her favorite salon, a special piece of jewelry, or some new shoes. Each person is unique. So, make sure you take some time to truly put thought into their gift. Here are some great Valentine gift ideas. If you are looking for gift ideas for your kiddos, check out gift ideas HERE.

Groove Silicone Rings

valentine gift ideas

Perfect for anyone, but especially someone with an active lifestyle, Groove offers rings for men and women made of medical grade silicone. Since the ring is resistant of most common chemicals including gasoline, oil, diesel, and household cleaners, the Groove Ring can be used in even the toughest environment. It is fit for all lifestyle! The first-ever breathable silicone ring is now also available with beveled edges (The Groove Edge), providing a more sophisticated look for those who may need a fancier style for the office. 

PETANI Notebooks

Valentine gift ideas

Do you have a loved one who loves to journal? The 5×8 PETANI notebooks are classy journals that come already packaged in a beautiful box, ready for gifting. The faux leather hardcover notebooks are embossed in beautiful rose gold. Inside the notebook, you will find 196 tear-off cream pages of 100 GSM paper. Complete with a ribbon bookmarker and a paper envelope attached in the back, the PETANI notebooks lay flat for easy writing. 

Soap Cauldron

valentine gift ideas

Rose Essential Oil is known for its healing properties. Coconut oil is known for being anti-inflammatory, antibacterial fighting, and nourishing oil. Combine rose essential oil with coconut oil and you have not just one great product for your skin but three products in the Soap Cauldron Three Sisters Rose and Coconut Gift Trio Set. Pamper skin to its fullest with the Soap Cauldron Three Sisters Rose and Coconut Gift Trio Set containing bar soap, body butter, and salve! 

C4 Belts

C4’s mission is to promote individuality through quality belts that give back. It is our goal to provide a unique shopping experience to individual thinkers who want to look cool on the outside AND feel good on the inside! All of C4 Belts products are recyclable, cut to fit, offer a lifetime guarantee, and offer a chance to give back to the community. Be a part of the give-back! Let’s make a difference together! 

Thirty-One Products

The Rose Blush Pebble is a mix of a purse and a fanny belt. Dress up or dress down with the convertible purse. Perfect for a night on the town while wearing the shoulder strap or a day of sightseeing with the purse worn as a fanny pack style! The Rose Blush is a beautiful color but add the blush on blush for personalization and you will be more than pleased!

Thesis Beauty Products

Pamper your loved one for more than just the day with Thesis Beauty Products. The organic beauty products are nothing short of amazing. Clean and hydrate your skin in a healthy, natural way. One of the beautiful things about Thesis is that their products are unisex so, ladies and gentlemen, these products can be a gift to both of you! Thesis Beauty is owned and operated by a family of vegetarians who are dedicated to keeping their products truly organic while still keeping them at an affordable price. 

Be on the lookout as we add ore of our favorite Valentine Gift Ideas! Also, Make sure you check out our Valentine Gift Ideas for kids HERE!

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18 thoughts on “Top Valentine Gift Ideas for Your Love

  1. These look like great gifts for those who celebrate Valentine’s Day. Just not something we are into celebrating

  2. Those silicone rings would be perfect for my husband. Where he works they are not allowed to wear metal. Thanks for the gift idea!

  3. My husband and I totally will NOT be exchanging any sort of gifts – we are not into this holiday. I mean maybe some SEXY bedroom gifts, but nothing else – LOL!

  4. I love anything rose gold, so those notebooks would be wonderful for me. I’ll have to drop a few hints and tell my husband all about them.

  5. These are some awesome valentines day gift ideas for your love. I am going to have to grab a couple of these before we get closer to valentine’s day.

  6. We’ve decided to not exchange gifts this year. It’s kinda hard, but we are determined to get rid of all our debt this year and it will take some concentration.

  7. We don’t usually exchange gifts on Valentine’s Day, but these are some nice suggestions. We do usually get a box of chocolate for the whole family.

  8. I have been thinking of getting my husband a silicone ring. He likes to work outside so I worry about his ring.

  9. THese are some great options for anyone who excahnges gifts with loved ones. I’m not sure what we will be gifting this year,

  10. Great gift ideas! I’ve seen those silicone rings around – they’re supposed to be a lot safer than traditional rings. I can’t believe Valentine’s Day is right around the corner!

  11. These are great ideas. I would love the essential oils. Good thing I have not bought any Valentine gift yet. Thanks for sharing!

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