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Match Games Help the Mind


Sometimes focus can be difficult for an adult, let alone a child. Training your brain to focus is done by exercising your mind. One great way to exercise your mind is by playing games. Top Trumps USA has an easy game that you and your children are sure to love. It will help you train your brain but the quality time spent with your loved one will do your heart good!

Match games


How to Play Top Trumps USA Character Match Games

The Top Trumps USA Match Games are easy to store and easy to take with you for on the go fun. Take Match Games from the kitchen table to a picnic table at the park. All the pieces maintain in the case and can be carried easily by the case handle. 

Open up both sides of the case, shuffle the cards, then place two cards face down on each side. You are ready to play! Easy enough, huh?!

Match games

The first player knocks out the top left cube to start the game. From the other side of the board, the second player picks up the cube and pushes it into another space, knocking out the cube.

Match games

Each time a player places the cube in the board, they are working hard to line up a match on their side. The first player to match five in a row, shouts “MATCH!” Next, the winner flips their two cards over to see if they not only matched five cubes in a row but also matched the character on the matching cubes with one of the same characters on their cards.


Does your family like excitable Agnes, adorable Fluffy and Gru’s evil twin brother Dru? Join them all as Despicable Me 3 Top Trumps Match takes kids on a hunt for 5 matched characters in a row! Two players take turns to push through the illustrated cubes. Shout “Match!” when 5 of the same Despicable Me characters line up horizontally, vertically or diagonally.


Join the DC Comics heroes and villains as they battle to see who can get five in a row and win the Match. With iconic characters like Superman, Batman and The Joker, there are loads of cubes and loads of characters. This game is great for memory development and comes in a handy all-in-one unit that you can take anywhere – from Gotham City to Metropolis!

Match games

How Does It Help Your Brain? 

You CAN play without too much thought which means even the youngest of children can play. Winning the game, especially when playing against an older child or another adult, means you need to keep track of not just your side….. but also remember what the other side of the board is looking like for your opponent. You can’t peak at your opponent’s side so try to remember what cubes you have placed! Make sure you are not setting your opponent up for the big win! 

Also, you will need to keep track of which cubes have certain characters on them. Not all the cubes are alike so you will need to choose wisely as to which cube you will need your opponent to possibly replace the way YOU need to win! 

Match games

With Top Trumps USA Match Games, you can exercise your mind all while enjoying some quality time. 

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