Top Design Mistakes You Need to Avoid with Walnut Kitchen Cabinets

A new kitchen is a big mistake but a worthy investment. In terms of functionality and looks that will add value to the property. However, there are a few kitchen design mistakes that you need to avoid when you install walnut kitchen cabinets. Surely, you do not want to forget the finer details.

Walnut Kitchen Cabinets

Often, when you install the walnut kitchen cabinets, you forget about the kitchen layouts. The kitchen is the place where you prepare your food. Hence, it has to be highly functional. So, here are a few kitchen design mistakes that you need to avoid at all costs. 

Breaking the Flow

Brown walnut cabinets with pink tiles splash backs with bar stools can break the flow. You should always consider the kitchen layout and its flow. It is the key to a kitchen cabinet design success. The working triangle is the conventional rule of design where the kitchen flow is based around the triangle shape given by the position of the fridge, sink, and cooler. The triangle will decide the kitchen layouts based on their flow. 

A good kitchen workflow is crucial. In case your kitchen doesn’t have that it will not work as you want it to. 

Keeping Insufficient Circulation Space

If you don’t keep enough circulation space, it will make the kitchen feel restricted and cramped. It will lead to even more problems when the kitchen doubles as the thoroughfare. When there is not enough space, it might become difficult to open the appliances, such as the dishwasher and fridge. 

To make sure there is enough circulation space, keep 4ft of space between the kitchen countertops. If you don’t measure the space available, it will become difficult to move around after you install the Walnut Cabinets. 

Not Using the Vertical Shape

Most of the time than not, when people install modern walnut cabinets, they don’t do it up to the ceiling. But it can leave the space unused. Hence, if you are designing the kitchen cabinets, make sure you are considering the height of the kitchen. The vertical space provides intense scope to install storage solutions. 

You should use every bit of the space available, especially if you have a small kitchen. Hence, you should consider the vertical storage areas of the kitchen, which is the space between the ceiling and the units. 

By using the vertical space, you can optimize the storage space. 

Not Paying Attention to the Quality

Surely, you have to consider your budget when you get your custom or RTA kitchen cabinet. But that should not be the only thing you are considering when getting the kitchen cabinet. 

Often, homeowners choose cheaper kitchen cabinets for reducing their expenses. However, that might be a blunder as the durability and quality of cabinets might be compromised. The materials that are being used to make the custom and RTA cabinets are an important thing to consider if you want them to be long-lasting. Don’t choose cabinets, which are made of poor material. 

When you select a cabinet with sturdy material, it might cost you a little more but the expenses are going to pay off in the long run. Avoid choosing cheap materials, such as chipboard. Choose walnut cabinets instead. It is a combination of aesthetics and resilience. 

Not Planning Properly

If you want to create an appealing and functional kitchen through custom cabinets, it will take a lot of advanced planning. As a matter of fact, proper planning is important if you want the desired result. 

You have to consider various factors during the planning stage. Improper planning might lead to little or no space in the kitchen after the installation process.

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