Today My Life Changed Forever

When My Life Changed Forever

There are many things that affect your life for the good or the bad but some days make an unforgettable change. The kind of change that you will look back on every single year and say “WOW, what a great day that was” or “What a terrible day that was!” We have had three different occasions that I can specifically look back on and say “WOW!”. Three years ago today was one of those moments. At the time, I did not realize how incredibly significant this day would be.

As I sit in a hospital room typing this, I am unable to access facebook for some reason. I planned on added many more photos but will have to update another time. 

life changed forever

Three years ago today, we had a phone call from DSS asking us if we would be willing to take a 19-month-old Hispanic girl. That was ALL we knew. We did not know her name. We did not know her personally. We did not know what she would look like. We did not know her story. We just said “YES!”. What an amazing decision that has turned out to be. We now call that little girl our daughter. 

The day she came to us, she was so beyond broken. She was scared. So was I. I wanted to do everything possible to make the transition easy on this little one but I did not know that the transition would be permanent. I can NOT imagine if we had turned down the opportunity to love a little girl that day. Our family would never have been complete! 

life changed forever

For each of our children, their arrival day was different. Our oldest, we were pretty nieve to the possibilities of his birth mom changing her mind and keeping him. I more so feared that I would not be the perfect mom that I so desperately wanted to be. For our middle child, we knew the possibility was real that his birth mom COULD change her mind PLUS his birth brought its own fear due to a very traumatic delivery. With our daughter, there were many fears but mostly the fears FOR her. Fearful that she was scared. Fearful that our love wouldn’t be enough to help her that night as I held her trying to calm the fears of being away from the family she knew and in a home with people who not only she didn’t know but also that spoke another language and looked entirely different than what she was used to. For each child, there were different fears. 

The fears I felt with each of my children was very different yet the same. The basis of the fear for all three was that I had a little life in my care and wanted so badly to be everything they needed and MORE! I was GIVEN the opportunity to love these children. I did not get stuck loving them, grow to love them, or even HAVE to love them. I WANTED to love them. I CHOOSE to love them. 

Every single fear on those three days in my life was rooted with intense love. Now, those three days will be engraved in my mind for the rest of my life. I firmly believe adoption is beyond special. Since it is a complete planned choice and such an emotional one at that, it makes the love that much stronger. SO, fear on mama! Love with everything you have. Make your child’s gotcha day a celebration! It IS the day your life changed forever. 

National Adoption Month…

This month, come back each day to read a little more about adoption. I will be sharing stories about our experiences and even have some guest writers who have experienced adoption from all different aspects! I hope to not only bring you “stories” but I hope that you can walk away saying that you are far more educated about adoption. Please be respectful of any comments made below. Remember that not every story is the same and there ARE some out there hurting because of adoption.  

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3 thoughts on “Today My Life Changed Forever

  1. I would have liked to be a foster parent, but do not have the circumstances financially to be able to as I have checked into it. Good for you to be able to fulfill your dreams and help children have a good family.

  2. It has been far more of a blessing for us as foster parents than even it has for the children we have taken in. I count it as an absolute privilege to be able to love and minister to these children!

  3. Adoption is a wonderful way to grow a family. I adopted the most wonderful child 38 years ago. Enjoy every day.

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