Toastees – A Delicious Healthy Snack for Young and Old

Even Kids Will Love Toastees

Toastees Toasted Almond Thins by Almondina makes a great snack! Not only are they yummy but they are healthy and filling too! I can never seem to find healthy snacks that my kids will BEG for. All three of them LOVE Toastees! 


Made by Almondina, Toastees are a lighter smaller version of the Almondina cookies. Made from a secret family recipe, these delicious baked snacks are made from scratch and in small batches.

Sold both in stores and online. Stores that sell Toastees are Trader Joes, Whole Foods, Winn Dixie, Publix, Marshalls, and TJ Maxx, to name a few. For stores near you check HERE.


Four Toastees Flavors 

Cranberry Almond – MY FAVORITE. I am not a huge fan of cranberries; however, I LOVE these!!! The dried cranberries add a sweet tangy flavor! 

Sesame Almond – Great especially if you are big on dipping, the sesame almond are great by themselves or with a cheese spread on it!

Lemon Poppy Almond – Adding a little tart to the sweet makes for a unique tasty flavor!

Coconut Orange Almond – A mix of citrus oranges, coconut and almond makes for an extra yummy snack! 


My Thoughts

Our teens at church were having a fundraiser and I brought a couple bags of Toastees with me. They were skeptical of trying them at first. After one person tasted them, then the next had to taste them because they were bragging about how good they were! Within a few minutes, just about all of the teens had not only tasted them but were taking turns digging in the bag! I pretty much left with crumbs in one of the bags and 2 empty bags! 


Kids, teens and adults all love these things!!! I was working on the review and got a craving for some! So, needless to say, I took a short break and had a few to snack on! 


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26 thoughts on “Toastees – A Delicious Healthy Snack for Young and Old

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  2. have never heard of these before…………BUT the flavors sound good

    I like thin cookie/etc like this

  3. Lemon Poppy Almond or the Cherry Almond sound awesome with a cup of coffee in morning. I’m going to have to look for these in the store.

  4. These look like a great yummy snack. With their small size, it is easy to portion out a serving size, too.

  5. I am always looking for healthy delicious snacks for my whole family. The Coconut and orange flavored sound great.

  6. These look really good and would be a healthy snack. I would like any of the varieties.

  7. I would love to try the Lemon Poppy Almond flavor! I love all 3 flavors and have never had them combined together, it sounds heavenly!

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