Titanic Museum in Branson, MO Makes You Look at History Differently

A Step Inside History- Titanic Museum

When you hear the word “Titanic”, what is your very first thought? Is it of the song, “My Heart Will Go On” or the image of Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet on the front of the ship with their arms out? The Titanic Museum will make your thought a whole lot different the next time you hear the word “Titanic”.

Titanic Museum

Before Boarding the Titanic Museum

When we arrived at the Titanic Museum, we were given a “Boarding Pass” that had a name of a real Titanic passenger as well as a little information about them. We were also given a handheld audio device in which we could look for spots throughout the museum that had a sign with a correlating number. All we had to do is enter that specific number and the enter button to listen to an audio clip about that specific section in the museum. 

Titanic Museum

Inside the Titanic Museum

There are over 400 historical artifacts that are kept safe inside the museum. Since they are federal artifacts, photos are not allowed to be taken within the walls of the museum which is why I am only showing photos of the outside (to me the outside is also very impressive).

There were two of the non-artifact things that really stuck out to me inside the museum. One was a wall made of ice allowing you to feel what an iceberg would really feel like. The other is a place in which you can put your hand in ice cold water, start a timer and see how long you can keep your hand in the ice cold water. It gives you a glimpse of the real life feel of what those on the Titanic felt when first hitting the frigid waters.

Titanic Museum

The Boarding Pass

As I stated in the beginning, we were given a boarding pass. Our children were given REAL child passenger names and my husband and myself were given REAL adult passenger names. As we walked through the museum, we were told to look for any artifacts or documents with “our name” on them. This allowed us to feel like we were really a part of the Titanic. At the very end, we find out “our” fate. My husband and I both “passed away” but our children all “survived”. 

Titanic Museum

The Titanic Museum is a humbling reminder that the people aboard the Titanic were real people with real lives, real dreams, and faced a real pain regardless if they survived or passed away during the events of the Titanic.

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