Tips on Choosing the Right Diaper Bag

How to Find the Perfect Diaper Bag

Becoming a first-time mom, second-time mom, or even fifth-time mom can become overwhelming. There is an overwhelming number of products out there. Choosing the right diaper bag does not have to be difficult but when in the heat of the moment, choosing the perfect bag can be exhausting. I am going to give you a few tips on choosing the right diaper bag.

Diaper bag

Tips for Finding the Right Diaper Bag

Diaper bags. There are, what feels like, a gazillion different bags available. Don’t let that intimidate you. It is very important to pick a diaper bag that will appease your needs.

If you are a first-time mom, Congrats! The work is a little harder for you since you don’t have past experiences to go on like second-time moms. Second-time moms, you now have two to be packing for. Although your experience will help you choose a proper bag, there are many more products available since your last child was born.

Diaper bag

Regardless if you are a first time or fourth-time mom, take time to look around! A diaper bag is just as important as a crib. It is something that you will use over and over on a daily basis. Because of that, you will need to invest in a diaper bag that truly fits your needs. Here are some things to consider.

  • Durability – since you will be dragging this bag anywhere and everywhere and eventually your child will also be dragging it everywhere, the number one important aspect of a diaper bag is finding one that is durable!
  • Style – Finding a bag that matches your style is important BUT ladies, please consider that there will be times in which your husband may need to carry that diaper bag around. Don’t hurt his pride. Find a diaper bag that your husband would feel comfortable carrying around even if you are nowhere around!
  • Hands-Free Option – You will already be juggling your sweet baby, a car seat, opening doors, groceries and far more. A backpack like the TWELVELittle Unisex 3-in-1 Foldover Tote is a great option. It allows you to carry it like a backpack or carry it by the handles. You may think you would never use it as a backpack but when you are chasing after a child or dropping this and that because you have too many belongings with only two hands, you will be thankful you have the backpack option.
  • Water-Resistant and Easy to Clean – The sweet little, adorable baby will be the same baby that will have you covered in spit up and slobber before long. I promise you, your diaper bag will eventually become a target for the same. Eventually, you will be carrying around food and liquids inside the bag. Accidents DO happen and WILL happen. Knowing the diaper bag can be cleaned easily will decrease any additional stress. 
  • Comfort – Again, this bag will become more valuable than even your nicest purse. You won’t leave the house without it, make sure the straps are comfortable for you. Choose something with adjustable straps to meet the needs of both you and your husband.
  • Chemical-Free – Your precious baby’s belongings will be tucked inside this bag, please make sure you are purchasing a bag that is free of chemical exposure. 
  • Pockets – Being organized, especially when you have a hungry baby or a baby needing a clean diaper, will help aid in decreased stress levels for both you and your baby. You will want a bag with plenty of pockets that you can assign to specific necessities. 

About TWELVELittle Unisex 3-in-1 Foldover Tote

By following every one of the tips above, you will see that the 3-in-1 Foldover Tote by TWELVELittle will meet every single need! 

Diaper bag

  • Water-resistant coated polyester and easy to clean leather trim.
  • Durable material
  • Adjustable padded shoulder straps
  • Top handle straps
  • Entire bag is padded for comfort and form
  • Chemical-free (no PVC, BPA, or Phthalates) 
  • Lined water-resistant interior
  • Includes a changing pad 

Diaper bag

Pockets Include:

  • One zipper pocket in front
  • One slip pocket in front
  • Two insulated side bottle pockets
  • Hidden bottom zipper pocket
  • Backside zipper pocket
  • Large zipper on top for easy access to the main compartment
  • Two interior slip pockets
  • Interior zipper pocket

Diaper bag

By moving the strap on the back-side, the TWELVELittle 3-in-1 Tote can be carried three different way.

  • As a backpack (by moving the long strap to the center)
  • As a foldover messenger bag (by moving the strap to the sides)
  • As a handheld tote (by holding the cotton handles on the top)

Diaper bag

Of course, living in the south, the camo design is a huge hit. If camo doesn’t float your boat, they also have the exact same bag available in Olive, Black, and Grey.

Diaper Bag

TWELVELittle has an assortment of diaper bags. If this particular one is not for you, consider the tips and take a look at their website to find the one that is perfect for YOU! TWELVELittle Bags can be purchased at BuyBuyBaby, Amazon and Nordstrom.

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3 thoughts on “Tips on Choosing the Right Diaper Bag

  1. thank you for this. the urge to be “trendy” is so strong when you ahave a new baby. and you forget what works for YOU! i love backpack bags myself. being a nondriver, hands free is critical

  2. i love the camo look and that it can be worn as a backpack,,keeps your arms and hands free ,love this

  3. awesome list of tips! pockets are definitely a must for a diaper bag considering all the little things you wanna pack to bring along with ya. I didn\t put much thought into my first diaper bag…it actually came free with the stroller i picked lol.

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