Tips for Choosing a Home Water Delivery Service

It is no longer safe to drink tap water because of the excess amounts of contaminants it contains, including chlorine. This chemical is used in disinfecting water, but it usually combines with other particles to produce a byproduct known as chloramines. Chlorine does not affect the body, but an overdose of ammonia and amines is toxic. 

water delivery service

In periods like this, the safe thing to do is to find a home water delivery service for your access to fresh, potable water. Such services deliver in containers that measure up to 5 gallons or more. This makes it even cheaper than buying in bottles.

Below are some tips to use when choosing a water delivery service for your home.

1.  Do They Have a Flexible Plan?

The quantity of water you use depends on the size of your household. If some relatives or friends will spend some days in your home or you are throwing a party, you will need a large quantity. Therefore, the service you choose should offer a flexible plan such that you can order at least three gallons or at most twenty gallons.

Also, we know that during the summer months, people usually consume more fluids. Hence, the company should have smaller containers for road trips. The size could be between twelve ounces to 1 gallon. And they should deliver on short notice. You can click here to find out how to stay hydrated during summer.

2. What Are Their Water Options?

The company will always have normal, potable drinking water. However, they should also supply both cold and hot options.

3. What Are Their Delivery Options?

Most delivery businesses charge for both delivery services and container rental every month. But there are those that do not charge anything; this could be a promotion strategy. So, if you’re lucky, you may find some of such companies around your location. 

In addition, you can find out their delivery periods. Some companies operate with a rigid delivery schedule while others have flexible schedules.

4. Where Does the Water Come From?

Have you ever wondered where delivery services get their water? If you’re using the one from your tap, at least you know its source, even if it is not very suitable for drinking. But with the bottled ones, you can never tell where they come from. Therefore, the company you choose should provide verifiable information about its source. They also need to inform you if they altered their product, probably by treating it.

5. Do They Store in Glass or Plastic Containers?

With the amount of information available about the use of plastics, it is important to ask the company where they store the water. You may want to find out if it comes in plastic containers. And if it does, are the containers BPA-free? To play safe, most companies use glass bottles.

6. Do They Have Professional Customer Service?

This factor is important in making a final decision on which company to choose. Professional customer service typically answers queries, calls, and emails on time. If there is any delay during delivery, they will send a notification stating the reason. Also, a reliable company will inform you as soon as they set out to deliver your order. 

7. Check Customers’ Testimonials and Reviews

This is an important point, too. When searching for companies near you, always look at reviews from people around your neighborhood. Do not just search the internet for names of businesses. Ensure that people in your community know them and use their services. That way, it will be easier to tell if they are genuine and provide excellent services.

8. Compare Costs

You can compare prices from different companies. But ensure that you are not sacrificing quality for cost. You can also taste-test before settling for a service. A reputable company will be happy to allow you to try their product before you purchase. This is because they regard you as a potential long-term client.

You may want to check out to see the benefits of patronizing water delivery services.


We have shared tips that will help you choose a suitable delivery service. But you still need to research companies near you so you can make a choice based on their delivery schedule, cost, as well as reviews from customers.

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