Tips For Buying Your Kids A Garden Playhouse This Summer

Tips For Buying Your Kids A Garden Playhouse This Summer

Are you trying to encourage your kids to spend more time outdoors? A garden playhouse can be pretty persuasive, as it represents a secret shelter for them to use their imagination and have fun. 

garden playhouse

These toy houses can be both wooden and plastic, available in various sizes, styles, and design features. Such hideouts are ideal for kids to play on their own or invite some friends to their oasis. 

We hope the following tips assist you in buying the loveliest garden playhouse.

Consider the Location

The location is undoubtedly one of the most crucial factors to consider prior to purchasing a playhouse. Make sure you pick a spot in the garden that is visible from your house so as to keep an eye on the kids. There aren’t supposed to be any fences, poisonous plants, or walls near the structure to increase overall safety and provide enough space for children to run around. Also, parents would use this garden space to move around the playhouse when cleaning or maintaining it. Go to this page for some useful spring cleaning tips. 

Another important consideration is the base for building such a toy house. The models made from plastic require no special base but a smooth lawn, whereas wooden models are best built on concrete or a boarded floor. Keep in mind that building a playhouse on the grass will soon result in rotten boards. In most cases, homeowners aren’t required to obtain planning permission, given the temporary character of the structure.

Wooden vs. Plastic Playhouses

When shopping for a toy house, homeowners are obliged to choose between wooden and plastic models. Wooden playhouses blend in perfectly in every backyard, contributing to the overall charm of one’s garden. These toy houses are popular for their large size, unique design, durability, and versatile nature. Children can use these structures even when they become teenagers as an ideal place to hang out with their friends. 

garden playhouse

Plastic toy houses, on the other hand, are more appropriate for younger kids. These models are smaller, more portable, easier to install and maintain. Most families use plastic playhouses indoors after the weather becomes too cool or rainy for kids to play outside. Regarding price, the plastic models are more suitable for homeowners with a limited budget. 

Choose a Style

Traditional toy houses come in a variety of sizes, available in one-story and two-story variants. The greatest number of traditional playhouses is equipped with multiple windows, a barn door, a wooden fence, and a pent roof. These models are designed to resemble traditional houses, capable of fitting in any type of garden. 

Moreover, tower playhouses are designed for older kids, equipped with ladders and slides. Children enjoy climbing up the ladder to the second story in order to slide down to the first story by using the slide. No kid ever gets exhausted from performing the same activity an endless number of times throughout the day. 

Two-story toy houses provide spaciousness and multiple rooms for kids to have fun with their siblings and friends. These models have an indoor step ladder, which enables children to access both floors easily. Most two-story variants have a kitchen downstairs, whereas the bedrooms are located upstairs. 

Check out the Design Features

Garden toy houses provide a multitude of design features to choose from. For instance, windows are among the essential features, providing the necessary amount of natural light and ventilation. Some models come with flower boxes and window shutters for a unique appearance. 

Furthermore, the doors of these structures are either swinging or stable. The latter consists of an upper and lower part, designed to open separately. Bear in mind that the choice of door is determined by the overall design of the structure. 

Make sure the toy house comes with fencing to ensure better safety. Remember to check the wide range of accessories, like binoculars, blackboards, or telescopes, to choose the most useful ones for your kids. Visit the following link,, to learn how to build a classic playhouse.

Final word

A toy house is a worthwhile investment every parent should make. 

Let your kids have a place of their own!

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