Taking Some Time Away for a Happy Marriage

Life is crazy enough as it is but then add children and life picks up tremendously. It is SO easy to get distracted with life that you lose sight of what your true main focus should be. No one grows up saying they can’t wait to get married to have a miserable marriage. No one grows up with the idea that they want a house full of wild, rebellious children. Yet, so often that is what happens. In my almost 18 years of marriage, I have found that when life gets cluttered with a super busy lifestyle, your focus gets off of the important things. That leads to a mundane marriage or even an unhappy marriage. The children become out of control from the combination of a lack of communication between parents and decreased attention given to the children. So, what is the solution when life seems to be too busy?! Time away!

time away

My husband and I have tried to make it a priority to take time away every year for our anniversary (or at least within a month of our anniversary). If we don’t schedule it for February, it gets way too easy for us to put it off until we find ourselves approaching our next anniversary.

Time away gives us a chance to focus on each other, regroup, and reignite some of the flames that may have gone out when running out the door to “this” ball game or “that” school activity. Life can be exhausting! Real exhausting. It always seems as though the ones who suffer from our exhaustion are those closest to us. We feel we can be ourselves around them but we also know they will be more forgiving (because they have to be forgiving if we are all living under the same roof, ha!).

For our anniversary trips, we have been everywhere from being iced in at a bed and breakfast to going to the British Virgin Islands for our 10th anniversary to trips to the mountains and many other places. This year, we decided to mix it up. I was asked to attend the Toy Fair in NYC by Goliath Games and Pressman Toys. It just so happens to be the same weekend as our anniversary. We thought it would be a bunch of fun, plus, my husband has never been to NYC. We decided to spend a little extra time in the city aside from attending the Toy Fair. Believe me, we will have some time to just enjoy each other. No kids. No life outside of just having a great time!

time away

I am packed up and ready to go! Normally I procrastinate on the packing but I’m SO beyond ready to spend some time with my man! I went shopping for a complete outfit to wear for our anniversary dinner. I made a special trip to the salon for a fresh new look. I am even all set with my Convertible Belt Bag so that I can wear my purse to help prevent any pickpocketing. It converts into basically a fanny pack but still looks the part of the New York Style!

I planned a few special activities such as taking The Ride Bus Tour, going on a tour at the 911 Memorial, and several other little adventures that I have to keep under my hat for now since it is a surprise to my hubby (who reads my posts). 

Can I just say, I am pretty much a Thirty-One addict? I have fallen completely in love with their bags and purses because I can travel in style yet have everything organized to a T!

Aside from the fact that I could fit all of my clothing and an extra pair of shoes in my All Packed Duffle Bag, the Get Creative Carry-All can hold all my smaller bags with my toiletries and cosmetics along with stuff like my blow dryer and other hair tools while still keeping everything enclosed (and much safer when traveling). Everything can stay very organized so that I don’t get there and have my clothes ruined if a bottle of shampoo leaked while traveling. I keep all my makeup in the Fold-Up Family Organizer.

The Hanging Travelers Case is a great home for my deodorant, razors, toothbrush, and all the extra hygiene items. Even though it has a pocket perfect for my toothbrush, I wanted a little extra protection to keep any of these nasty germs that seem to be all over the place lately, away from my toothbrush!! I like to use the IntelliDent Antimicrobial Toothbrush Shields to cover my toothbrush in. I always bring a few extras so that I can be sure to cover my toothbrush in the hotel as well. I never really know what the cleaning people may spray or touch when they are in our room to freshen it up. So, covering the toothbrush is always a must! 

time away

The IntelliDent Antimicrobial Toothbrush Shields are proven to be 99% effective in fighting against airborne and surface bacterias. They also significantly reduce any risks of pathogen-related illnesses. I ordered some from Walgreens and have them sent to the store… no shipping doing it that way! 

time away

One of my favorite parts of our trip is the road trip part itself. Most people say they would much rather fly than drive. I don’t mind flying at all. I actually love it. However, when it is time to head off somewhere with my husband, I enjoy the road trip. It gives us time to talk, blast the music, and just have FUN! I have my Littles Carry-All Caddy ready with a bunch of fun conversation pieces. We can pull one paper out and talk for 5 minutes about some topics and an hour on others. It just gives us constant communication… something we often lack when being the parent. Time away from being the parents is needed every once in a while. Have you had some time to regroup, reignite, and relax?! 

time away

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18 Replies to “Why is Time Away SO Needed for Couples?”

  1. It’s definitely important to take time away as a couple. We took our first getaway as a couple in years last year and decided it should be an annual tradition.

  2. I may not be married but I do believe this is so important! Without the strong foundation of marriage you can’t be a good mom/dad and it’s always good to recharge and reconnect!

  3. LOVE Thirty-one products. Yes, agreed, it is important for couples to get away. My husband and I don’t have kids but we have a house full of animals. It makes a difference to be able to have time for just the two of us. Thanks to my parents for dog/cat sitting!

  4. For us it is all about getting away from the day to day issues that we must deal with during our lives. For the time we are away, we can put that all aside.

  5. WE love taking time away together, even though it’s not super often. But I find that stirring up that connection is so important. Love the bags too!

  6. We just came back from vacation this week. It was much-needed. We really enjoyed ourselves and will be going back to the resort in June for my 30th. I need a break with the hubs. 🙂 PS those toothbrush shields are genius!

  7. My husband and I take a trip alone at least once a year, even if it’s just a weekend away. All of the travel necessities you shared here seem very useful.

  8. I think time away for anyone is always a good thing! It’s always nice to take some time away to clear your mind and enjoy a new environment. I love the look of your packing bags!

  9. yes yes and yes- i never realized how much my husband and i need time away until we actually have the opportunity to do it. it’s truly amazing to be able to reconnect without the kids or distractions every 5 minutes ha. great tips here!

  10. I think that there is definitely a reason to have some time away. You need to able to relax without having to run after anybody or do anything. I think it’s arms up the marriage if you do that.

  11. We never actually got away when the kids were little. We couldn’t afford it. I understand the importance we just had date night every week.

  12. I can see why it’s important. My husband and I don’t usually get away often just because of kids and his job can be tricky to get time off from. But we do try to fit in dates!

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