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Written by Beth

Do you have a teen that just can’t seem to keep up with… well anything? Maybe your keys like to play hide-n-seek with you on a regular basis? Tile Mate is going to make your life SO much easier!

My 14 (going on 40) year old has hit the teen years with a bang! He has gone from being my perfectionistic organizer to losing everything from schoolbooks to belts. I’m still trying to figure out how you lose a belt you WEAR to school. When I got the opportunity to try out these little magic tiles, I jumped on it!

So far this year we are working on lunchbox #3. Yes, we have managed to lose two lunchboxes. One has his name monogrammed on it. Sigh. NO MORE! With the Tile Mate, I can know exactly where his lunchbox is with the click of a button!

About Tile Mate:

Every app updates the location of each Tile device it detects. With more than 10 million Tiles sold and over 2 million items located every day, our network is the largest, fastest and most powerful lost and found community in the world.

I’ve put a tile in the teenager’s backpack, lunchbox, and wallet. Now I can track him too, he keeps his wallet on him all of the time! This brings peace of mind to this mama!

I’ve got one on my keys, because, let’s be real… the teenager may have got some of the whole “can’t keep up with anything” from his mama. 😉

You can get your Tile HERE! Go ahead and order several – You can thank me later!

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6 thoughts on “Tile – Keeping Up With the Important Things In Life

  1. This would be so handy to have! I don’t lose my stuff often, but my husband and kids do! Thanks for sharing!

  2. I have never lost my keys in my life (am I jinxing myself by saying that?), but my three kids would lose their heads if they weren’t attached, so this is a great idea for them.

  3. My husband waits until the last minute to shower before leaving for work and is usually running around looking for his glasses or keys that he misplaced. Tiles would be the answer to this problem and keep us both sane in the process

  4. This is a neat idea. Who would’ve thought! I wonder how well it works and what range…batteries etc.

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