Thirty-One is Not Just for Women! There ARE Thirty-One Products for Men

Thirty-One Products for Men Available, Not Just for Women

Are you looking for a practical, yet unique gift for the father or man in your life? Thirty-One is not just a “women’s product line” company. They also offer personalized, travel items for men. You can personalize the travel bags with initials or sports emblems for an added touch. Thirty-One makes it possible for the man in your life to travel in style, just as women have been doing for many years thanks to Thirty-One product lines.

Thirty-One Products for Men

Our family travels often. Whether we are camping, taking a road trip, or flying to an exciting destination, the proper travel bags are a must for our family! Check out the various options for the man in your life:

Thirty-One’s All Packed Duffle

The All Packed Duffle is a roomy and functional duffle bag that would be great for any travel plans and as a bonus would also be a great gym bag. With plenty of room for a weekend’s worth of clothes, yet simple enough for the gym or to use as a carry-on, this duffle is an excellent option for any man who loves to be on the go!

Thirty-One Products for Men

My son has a teacher who was also his basketball coach this year on the JV Basketball Team. He wanted to give him something special for an end of the year teacher gift. What better than this “All Packed Duffle” for him to use as a gym bag to carry to and from games?! We were able to have it made specifically for him with his name and a basketball on the front. 

Thirty-One Products for Men

Thirty-One’s 24/7 Case

What better way to organize and store all of your toiletries than to use Thirty-One’s 24/7 Case? The case is large enough to hold your toiletries and stores nicely inside of the All Packed Duffle for a weekend getaway. There is a pocket on the side that is an excellent option for the smaller items that would typically be lost inside of the larger compartment.

Thirty-One Products for Men

Thirty-One’s Around the Clock Thermal Bag

What a great bonus item for the men’s travel gear provided by Thirty-One than to include a matching Around the Clock Thermal bag for snacks and lunches. I love it when an item becomes multi-functional. How many times are you traveling and realize that you forgot a snack for the airport? It is great for school or work lunches. It is easy to clean, and made of durable fabric. I like that there is an exterior pocket to keep items like napkins dry. 

Thirty-One Products for Men

My son has a teacher who packs a lunch every single day. His last name is really long so the kids all call him Mr. Mac. My son knew his teacher’s sense of humor and decided to put “Big Mac” on it. Needless to say, his teacher found it just as funny as my son expected. I love how Thirty-One products make such great gifts for anyone. The personalization makes the gift that much more special.

Thirty One’s Essential Storage Tote

The Essential Storage Tote is versatile in that it can be used as a reusable shopping bag, organized storage for a car, used to store dry snacks while traveling or attending events, or even as an errand bag to leave near the front door with various items to return inside.

Thirty-One Products for Men

Thirty One’s line of the charcoal gray travel gear is a perfect gift for any man who travels often. Even if your guy doesn’t travel often, he will benefit from owning one or all of these products as they each function apart from their traveling purposes as a gym and reusable, multi-purpose bag, as well as the perfect bag for sporting or music events. Thirty-One is not just a women’s only company!

Thirty-One Products for Men

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  1. When I think of Thirty One I always think of women and babies. I did not realize they had neat products for men also. Great Fathers Day gift idea. Thank you so much for sharing this

  2. What great ideas for useful and personalized gifts. They all look like they are so handy and sturdy but fun to be able to have a custom name.

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