Things To Do When the Home Pipe Gets Damaged

Calling the plumber is the sole response I hear from my friends and relatives when I ask this question. Being in the home pipe business, I understand how naive the response is. Yes, a plumber might repair the damage, but by the time they arrive at the spot, you might have damages that you never imagined. Electricity, water, essentials — so many things could be affected by the leaking water. 

Pipe Gets Damaged

And for this purpose, we have compiled the things to do when the home pipe gets damaged. Doing the things written in this guide can ensure minimal damage and save thousands of dollars. Scroll down to find the things to do when the home pipe gets damaged. 

  • Ring the professionals 

Well, ringing the professionals should not be an immediate measure, as you have to do many other things first. However, you can ask someone in the family to find the best local professionals to deal with the leaking pipes. Moreover, I recommend professional services like Conrad Martens for a reason, not just any plumber. The reason: professionals know what to do and fix the damage forever. At the same time, the professionals save you tons of money, as they know how to do things the right way. Furthermore, they have adequate supplies of everything, be it the valves, electrical, or gas components; they carry everything to the site and ensure to deal with all types of damage. Thus, saving you money and time.

  • Turn off the source of water

As hinted earlier, your first course of action is not calling the professional. Instead, it is to turn off the source of water. This will prevent flooding and prevent the water from damaging the other parts of the house. If you know the source of water, just turn off the main valve. On the other hand, if you live in an apartment or building type where you do not have control of the water, contact the landlord and ensure to turn off the water source as soon as possible. In case you cannot get their response, follow the other measures mentioned here and take prompt action.  

  • Turn off the electricity 

Water and electricity are not friends. Water on electrical equipment can itself be dangerous, but water on electrical equipment connected to the supply is catastrophic. So, even before going to the water source and turning off the valves, it is better to switch off the mains in your house. And in case the room is too dark to follow the other measures mentioned in this guide, ensure to carry a flashlight or simply turn on the flash on your smartphone. And in case the water has spread to the electrical outlets, it is better not to step in it. And try to turn off the main switch from an external source. Moreover, this is another reason you should always be a professional when dealing with leaking pipes, as they will fix everything and conduct the business without anyone risking their lives.

  • Remove valuables from your home

After dealing with the above instructions, the next course is to remove valuables that might get damaged because of the water. In case it is electronic and digital equipment, ensure to remove them from water and place them somewhere safe to take them to the repair shop later. At the same time, start drying them carefully when it comes to important documents. Also, ensure to handle the items with care to prevent any further damage. 

  • Record the damages 

There are many benefits to recording the damage. First of all, you will have proof to show to the insurance company. And also, you can ensure that everything is accounted for. For instance, you do not forget something valuable. Yes, professional services will give you proper documentation of everything damaged; however, it is better to do this from your end after everything is settled. 

The next action is to take the recording and documentation to your insurance agent and get compensated for the damage.

We are not mentioning other things like removing the water and drying the room. As the professionals will take care of everything from their end, even discard the scrapes. 


Leaking pipes may sound like a simple problem, but the stress of the damage it can do cannot be accounted for. Most homeowners are not prepared for these everyday challenges and think that they will just call the plumber in the time of a crisis. 

However, as mentioned, by the time the plumber arrives, you might have damage that might take thousands of dollars to repair. More importantly, valuables in your home can get damaged. That is why it is better to be prepared for such times in advance. Also, ensure to check the pipes in your home regularly and review whether they could be prone to damage shortly or not. 

Moreover, most homeowners panic in such situations. However, you should be cool under pressure and ensure that everyone in your family is safe and out of the house as soon as you see the damage. Of course, the next course of action is to follow the measures mentioned in this guide. You can call your spouse or partner to call the plumber while ensuring that you turn off the water source and electricity source, and after that, remove the valuables to prevent them from getting damaged. 

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