The White Castle Tradition Continues #FoodReview

White Castle Childhood Memories Shared With My Children 

As a child, I can remember eating White Castle Sliders. However, even though I really love the food at White Castle, the tradition comes with more than just eating the food. 

White Castle

One of the things as a child that still stands out was the many times we would get White Castle sliders and then put the boxes all together to make a giant castle. We would see how tall we could get it before it would crash down. 

White Castle

While we were in the Chicago area, I took my kids, my niece and my cousin to White Castle (the same one that I went to as a child). It didn’t take long before they began building their own castle just like I did as a child! I know, you shouldn’t play while eating. Oh well. I did it as a kid and it didn’t do anything other than give me some great childhood memories to hang on to all these years! 

White Castle

White Castle Favorites

White Castle menu has grown over the years but the traditional sliders are still my personal favorite (well, the fried cheese sticks may be a pretty close tie).

White Castle

My kids love their chicken rings and fries. 

White Castle

The unique castle style building adds an extra touch to the fun of eating. It definitely stands out among the other fast food buildings.

White Castle

Sliders are also now found in the frozen aisle of the grocery stores (even down south where White Castle doesn’t have their fast food restaurants)! So, if you do not have a White Castle near you, check your local grocery store! 

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