If you are in search of a work at home job, there are some scams you need to be aware of. Yes, believe it or not, not everyone out there is honest and forthright. Don’t be taken in by those online ads that promise you lots of money with little effort.

Here are some of the most common work at home scams to avoid:


Envelope stuffing – Envelope stuffing is one of the most popular scams on the internet. The problem is that you won’t stuff a single envelope at all. How this scam works is that the same ad that you are reading, you will be putting up with your own money. So in turn, all you are doing is scamming other people the same way you were scammed.


Craft assembly – This scam asks you to assemble craft projects with the promise of high pay for each project you complete. The catch is that you have to pay a fee in order to get the kit to assemble the projects. The number one rule of work at home jobs is that you NEVER pay anything in order to make money. The problem is that after you assemble the project and submit it to the company, they will tell you that the project doesn’t meet their specifications and therefore you won’t be paid for your work.


Chain letters – Chain letters are easily spotted because they are delivered to your email inbox. With chain letters, you are asked to forward the email along with some money to the names at the top of list. Then, they ask you to add your name to the bottom of the list and soon you will receive lots of money. Beware because this never ever works. Not only that, but you run the risk of being prosecuted for fraud. The only people who make money from this is the people at the top of that list.


Home typist – Now there are typing jobs you do at home that are perfectly legit. However, the ones that ask you for money are not legit at all. Also legitimate home typing jobs are rarely advertised online. The way these scams work is that you send the company money, requesting more information. What you get back is a disk along with some printed information that tells you how to place ads, just like the one you responded to and how to sell the disks to others.


Be sure to check the Better Business Bureau or Federal Trade Commission if you are suspicious. Good luck!

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  1. It should be well known that if you need to PAY, it’s not legit. Sadly, it is not. There are so many scammers out there. Be careful everyone!

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