The Best Books Kids Can Read About Winter

Kids love to read and parents love to read to their kids. The winter season provides a great opportunity for reading. There are some really good books out there that revolve around the winter months. Here are a few of the best books you can snuggle up with when it’s cold and rainy outside!




Bear Snores On is authored by Karma Wilson and features forest critters who have a rhyming party in a hibernating bear’s house.






Thomas’ Snowsuit is written by R. Munsch and tells the story of Thomas, who refuses to wear his snowsuit and mayhem ensues.



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Clifford’s First Snow Day is penned by Norman Bridwell and tells the tale of Clifford the Small Red Puppy and his experience with his first winter, complete with fluffy snow and winter fun.





Owl Moon is authored by Jane Yolen. It tells the story of a young girl and her dad who take a walk through the woods in search of a great horned owl. Along the way, the young girl discovers different things about a winter’s night and the magic of winter.






Dear Rebecca, Winter is Here is written by Jean Craighead George. Rebecca learns about how winter changes nature and the creatures of Earth via a letter from her grandmother.





Froggy Gets Dressed is penned by Jonathan London. Froggy is excited to go play outside in the snow. His mother tells him that he needs to put on the appropriate cold-weather clothing. Just when Froggy thinks he has on everything he needs, his mother calls him back inside because he has forgotten an article of clothing.





It’s Winter (Celebrate the Seasons) is authored by Linda Glaser and focuses on a young girl’s discovery of winter and how the weather as well as nature changes during this season.




Katy and the Big Snow is authored by Virginia Lee Burton. It is the story of Katy, a tractor who works for the Highway Department of the City of Geoppolis. Katy isn’t used a lot in the winter but that all changes when a huge blizzard hits town and Katy becomes a hero, helping to plow the townspeople out.



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