Whitening Teen’s Teeth Brings a Smile to Their Face (Giveaway Going on Now)

The Importance of Allowing Your Teen to Use a Teeth Whitening System

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How many times do we have to tell our kids… BRUSH. YOUR. TEETH?! Typically, this is a pretty common complaint among parents of children. It seems like a daily battle. They just don’t understand the reasoning behind why it is so important to brush twice a day. Thankfully, my teen now cares about his teeth. The yellow stained teeth needed a little work to help his complex. Smile Brilliant brought a smile back to his face. 

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The Cycle

When your children are young, you do everything in your power to start young teaching your child how to care for his or her teeth. I remember battling my son when he was just a baby with brushing his teeth. He was far more interested in chewing on the toothbrush and sucking all the infant toothpaste off the toothbrush than allowing me to get a good brushing in. 

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As he got older, he began to have the responsibility of brushing his own teeth. I would still stand next to him and usually go over his teeth until he reached the age of about six. To be honest, he was pretty good at hitting all the teeth at some point during brushing and knew how to brush well. The older he got, the less I supervised, and well…. the less he brushed. A quick in and out of the toothbrush (if he even brushed) became his routine despite how many times I told him he would get cavities and have yellow teeth (and bad breath)! He didn’t care. There was no need to impress anyone. Until now.

He is now a teen. We don’t do the dating thing with him only being 15 years old but that doesn’t stop him from making sure he looks presentable around his friends (and especially the girls). Over the last year, we have seen such a transition in him caring about his appearance! Yay! Unfortunately, those days of not caring have left him with stained teeth. That is where the Smile Brilliant Teeth Whitening System came in to play.

About the Smile Brilliant System

Smile Brilliant will send you a box that contains everything you need to make a mold of YOUR teeth. Unlike other teeth whitening systems that just have a generic mouthpiece made to “fit” every mouth, Smile Brilliant ups the results by allowing the teeth whitening gels to get in every nook and cranny with the customizable mouth guards. 

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Simply kneed together the blue and white clay until the entire thing is blue. Next, press it into the mouthpiece and push the piece into your teeth. Do not bit it, just press it into your teeth to form a perfect mold of your teeth and gums. Allow the mold to dry overnight and mail it back in the enclosed pre-stamped envelope. 

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In a few weeks, you will receive another package which will contain the custom mouth guard for your teeth. Each night, brush your teeth with just plain water. Use the teeth whitening gel syringe and squeeze about a quarter of the gel into the mouthpiece as evenly as possible (where the front teeth would touch).

Teeth whitening

Pat dry your teeth and then place the mouth guard over your teeth. Follow the directions on the length of time to leave on your teeth. We started with him only putting it on for about 15 minutes the first night to make sure he didn’t have any problems with the gel. Then we moved up each night until he was leaving it on for the entire duration (between an hour and three hours). 

Teeth whitening

Everyone deserves the chance to have their teeth professionally whitened. We deliver that opportunity without fear or reservation. Our process is backed by decades of research and thousands of dentists nationwide. Let’s smile together!

After using the whitening gel, make sure you use the desensitizing gel. It will help protect your teeth from being restained as easily during the whitening process. We also found that after a few days of using, my son’s gums because sensitive to the whitening gel. He began applying some coconut oil to his gums prior to whitening and that took care of the problem!

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Now, my son can smile a little bigger without the complex of yellow teeth. Teens have enough of a problem feeling like they fit in, the last thing they need is to be embarrassed about their teeth.

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  1. I think it is a great idea to let your Teen Use a Teeth Whitening System. Smiles are so important and self confidence too!

  2. A good teeth whitening always makes me feel better. I will have to consider this product.

  3. Teaching children to brush their teeth at an early age is not always easy. Teeth whitening at older age is often necessary.

  4. That’s quite a difference in shades! I think the best thing about this system is that the tray is custom made. When it comes to your teeth, one size does not fit all !

  5. I love that you can do this at home. Looks easy and who does not want a whiter smile

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