How To Help Teens Improve Their Self Esteem

How To Help Teens Improve Their Self Esteem

Some kids seem to always be secure and confident, while others seem to lack the self-esteem that is so important for healthy development, risk-taking, and achievement. Why? Lots of factors, such as upbringing, life experiences, how they think about themselves, and how they explain life events to themselves, contribute to self-esteem. But even if it doesn’t seem to come naturally, self-esteem can be learned and improved with some simple strategies.

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Forget About the Self Esteem Quick Fixes

Self-esteem programs that focus on lots of positive self-talk without the action or achievements to back it up probably won’t have any lasting effects. Repeating mantras like “You are special,” over and over only work if one really believes there is something special about them.

Forget about being special or the best; these are usually fairly unrealistic goals that only set one up for disappointment. Instead, teens should just focus on doing the best they can at their own particular skills and interests.

Developing Social Skills

Connecting with others in a positive way is a great way to improve self-esteem. Kids who may be shy or awkward will benefit from improving their communication skills, learning how to work cooperatively with other students, and learning how to handle conflict.

Becoming more at ease working and interacting with other kids is a great self-esteem booster. Plus, becoming more comfortable socially may give kids the confidence they need to take risks in other areas of their life.

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Focusing on the Positive for Increased Self Esteem

Often, kids with low self-esteem spend all of their mental energy obsessing over their shortcomings rather than looking at and improving their strengths. The problem with this outlook is twofold. First, spending time thinking about negative qualities can only make one feel bad.

Second, it takes time and energy away from achieving the goals that can actually lead to increased self-esteem. Teens should make a list of what they are good at, make plans for utilizing or improving these strengths further, and bring this list out whenever they are feeling down on themselves.

teens self esteem

One thing that has helped boost my son’s self-esteem is riding his Razor Electric Longboard. It allows him to stay active which helps keep his idle mind from the negative thoughts and feelings. It also encourages him to master what he is good at. Plus, a little extra independence for a teen also is a natural self-esteem booster! 

Spend Time With Your Teen

They may not say they enjoy time with you. Actually, most teens tend to act as if it is uncool to spend time with their parents. Did you know they actually feel good about themselves when they realize their parents WANT to spend time with them simply to have fun? No deep talks, no commands or discipline. Just time together. Take them to eat, take them somewhere fun and just talk, laugh, and enjoy being with your teenager!

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Celebrating Accomplishments

The best way to improve how one feels about oneself is to achieve and accomplish. But, it’s not enough just to do something; one has to recognize and appreciate these achievements for the successes they are, too.

Don’t downplay what has been learned, earned, or won. Instead, take the time to reflect on what has been mastered, the effort that it took, and how it feels to have achieved this goal. Let these positive feelings fuel the desire to get over the next hurdle.

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My son will come in after riding his longboard and let me know he was able to pick up the speed from the last time he rode it or he was able to go down a hill that he hadn’t attempted before. I hear all about it and have to remember how important it is for him to know I heard him. It is easy as a parent to think, “Good job” and not really mean it. I have to be sure to focus on what he is saying and not just respond but engage in the conversation to let him know how proud I am. Ask your teen questions when they are talking about something they love. We all know that we get less and less out of our teen, verbally. Take advantage of engaging in conversation when you can!

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teens self esteem

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While positive self-esteem may feel elusive to some kids, it isn’t impossible to improve. By recognizing strengths and accomplishments, and working towards substantial goals, teens can learn to develop more positive feelings about themselves.

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