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Guinness World Records 2020

teen gifts
Guinness World Book has been a part of our family for years. Our oldest son received his first copy when he was 6. He instantly fell in love with it and ask for the newest edition every year! (He’s now almost 17!) . The books are loaded with content to read, photos to look at and even some interactive displays using your phone or tablet. The 2020 edition is the 66 installment and brings us some really cool new features such as what records were set on your birthday! Plus they take a look at some of the record-breaking robots! Don’t miss this edition!

Three Sisters Amenity Bar Soap Sampler Boxed Gift Set – 9 Count

Have you ever wanted to try a new scent of soap, bought a new bar of soap, and wind up throwing it away because the scent is not your particular favorite? With Three Sisters Amenity Bar Soap Sampler Boxed Gift Set, you can try nine different travel-sized bars of soap. It is a great way to pick a new favorite or two (if you can pick a favorite between the nine great scents. Three sisters soaps use only natural ingredients. The set is great for a gift as the box can be given unwrapped or you can take the bars out and give as nine different small individual gifts! You might want to keep one for yourself!

JBL Soundgear

teen gifts

Without a doubt, music makes life better. The right song can even make the biggest chores a little more fun! When I am cleaning or doing other chores around the house J love having my favorite tunes playing. The problem is that when I am cleaning if I use our surround sound I have to blast it so that I can hear it all over the house and sometimes that doesn’t work for everyone else. If I use headphones, heading the calls for mom that will inevitably come will go unheard! That’s what makes the JBL Soundgear a perfect solution. The around the neck obstruction provides a high quality and crystal clear personal sound experience! Whether listening to music, your favorite podcast or playing the latest VR game, the JBL Soundgear is sure to take it to a whole new level! Get a phone call? No worries! With Bluetooth capabilities and its dual mic conferencing system, you will think the person calling is in the room with you! Take your personal sound to the next level with JBL Soundgear!

Cate & Chloe VIP Jewelry Box

teen gifts

Can’t decide on a gift this holiday season? Let the fabulous Cate & Chloe Jewelry Box decide for you! With this subscription box, you can choose 1 or 3 pieces of jewelry, and receive a surprise gift, all from your favorite brands! Plus, you receive discounts on their website for your favorite products! All with free shipping, of course! With a new surprise, every month, Cate & Chloe’s VIP Jewelry Box is the gift that keeps on giving! Make every month unique with a new gift for you or your friend with Cate & Chloe’s VIP Jewelry Box!

Nomadik Welcome Box

Have an outdoors man or woman on your list? Nomadic has the perfect gift! It is a subscription service for those who love the outdoors. The very first box (The Welcome Box) comes with a Lawson Parachute hammock and suspension system. What more could an outdoors person love than to set up a hammock between two trees and lounge in the great outdoors?! Inside the box are also some waterproof fire starter and a gear repair kit. Plus, lounging in the hammock got even better because with the included Skratch Labs Hydration Mix, you won’t have to worry about dehydration. Boxes are all valued at more than $50 which is much cheaper than the subscription itself! 

Cracker Barrel A Yard of Bubblegum

A whole yard of bubble gum! Yes, you read that right! You think a bubble gum out of a gumball machine makes your kiddo happy? Wait til they see this many gum balls on Christmas morning! You can bet that they will be telling all of their friends about their giant container full of gumballs! Put a bow on top and you are all set. Stop in at any Cracker Barrel and pick up a yard of bubblegum.

My Charge HubPlus1

In the world we live, who hasn’t been a little frustrated by a little indicator letting you know your phone or tablet needs charging? Whether it’s a hike out in the woods where there is no where to charge or my favorite, forgetting to bring a charger cord, in today’s connected world it can become a little bit of a hassle when we get disconnected.

The My Charge HubPlus1 is the answer! It provides up to 4x the battery power meaning you can keep your phone or tablet going for longer! Using their hyper-charging, It also charges your device 65% faster than the competitors!

My favorite feature is that it has a built in Apple Lightning cable and a micro USB cable… NO more lost or forgotten cables!

Whether for a teenager who uses their device often or an on the go adult, the My Charge HubPlus1 is a must have! 

KidzLane Laser Tag Game

Laser tag facilities were once the only place where you could get a game of laser tag in. Each game can be costly and you often play with people you don’t even know. Now, with KidzLane Laser Tag Guns, you can bring the game of laser tag right to your own home and play with whoever you want! KidzLane gives you the option to play as many games as you want without having to pay each time! From up to a 130 feet away, shoot your opponents gun to make sounds and lights go off. Everyone has nine lives… who will be left standing in the end? 

iDecoz Inc. 

Although phones are made for the purpose of making calls, texting friends, and looking up answers to your questions on the internet, phones are also a fashion statement. Oh, the number of times I have heard people talk about, “Did you see that girl’s phone? I want what she has!”. iDecoz will have your friends (and even strangers) talking. You have got to check out all their fun cases and accessories. The prints are unlike the ones you would find in stores, making you stand out in the crowd with the best looking phone on the block! Pockets (wallets), Mirrors, and Rings are among a few of the accessories you can get to match your unique phone case from iDecoz.  

Southern Scholar

Calling all sock lovers! Do you have one in your home? I have a teen who is absolutely obsessed with fashionable socks. Southern Scholar not only has fashionable socks, but these socks are also super comfy. Perfect for those long days at school or the office! These will make great stocking stuffers or buy several to wrap for under the tree. There is a style for everyone, polka dots, stripes, solids… they’ve got it all! Score some brownie points this year when you put Southern Scholar under the tree! 

Aquabeads Beginners Studio

These are the neatest craft making kit! So, here is the scoop on the fun you can have with Aquabeads… create a design by either following a pattern or create your very own design. Place the beads on the included plate and then spray the beads with water. Aquabeads gel together when wet. The new flip-away tray allows you to create the design, spray it with water, flip to another tray and start creating a new creation right away! If your creation ever breaks, all you have to do is reassemble it and spray it with water to make it good as new!

My Charge Power+Cord

Ever been on a long road trip with your little ones with everything going smoothly until the blood-curling scream from the back of the vehicle? As you gathered yourself together mentally and begin to investigate what life-threatening emergency was taking place in your back seat, you realized that your child’s phone or tablet had just gone dead. Yup… that type of drama really does happen! With My Charge Power +Chord extends the battery life and keep your device running no matter where you go! Grab one before your next road trip, you will be glad you did. 

Pix Perfect Pixel Art Kit

Ok. I am totally digging the Pixel Art Kit by Pix Perfect.. It is a surprise for my daughter but I KNOW she is going to fall in love. Think of the idea of a Lite Brite but without needing a light. Instead, attach sequence pieces into the design of your choice. Follow instructions to create a design that Pix Perfect has come up with or be unique and create your very own! Little girls are in love with sequence… add a craft and you will have a happy girl!

Visions of the Universe

Do you ever stand in awe when you think about all the details known about our universe and even the thought of what all we don’t know about it? The universe is most definitely something to stand in awe over. Why not add some fun, adult coloring while thinking about all the wonders of the universe. It is known that coloring is a stress reducer. The relaxation of the coloring mixed with having a moment to just focus on the wonders of the world makes for a great de-stressor at the end of your day!

Swurfer Orbit 40”

“When will it be my turn?” How often do you hear that question while your kids swing on the swings at the park? Now imagine if you could have a swing in your backyard that was capable of holding more than one child? The Swurfer is large enough and strong enough to hold several children or even adults and provides a specially patented cool mesh for the hot summer days. The Swurfer is a wonderful addition to any backyard – providing hours of fun! 

Moon Phase

What is your favorite memory? Maybe your very first date, the night you got married, or maybe the day a child was born? For me, one date that stands out was the night my husband proposed to me. I wish I could have bottled up every emotion I felt that night. With Moon Phase, I can have a very unique way of reminiscing about that evening. The night I said, “YES” to the rest of a lifetime with this man I have been married to for going on 19 years. I can wear a copy of exactly what the moon looked like the night under that moonlit sky when I said, “Yes!!” to the man of my dreams. Moon Phase creations are made from hand-polished surgical stainless steel. Want to share your special moment? Get a Moon Phase and you will have plenty of people wanting to know about the meaning behind the necklace or bracelet!

Toilet Tree Products Bamboo Caddy

Give your loved one a spa e peri eve at home! Speaking from experience, there are few things you could give a girl that would bring more elation than a simple bath with no interruptions! Take my word for it. 🙂 Wrap this gorgeous bath caddy with a bottle of bath salts and a note that she has a way to escape from everyday life … she will be one happy girl. Guaranteed! What are you waiting for? Go order this beauty. Like now!

Blue Orange Games Tumble Maze

Here is a great game of physics for your children ages eight and up (although even children a little younger can probably get in on the action as well). Blue Orange Games’ Tumble Maze reminds me of a mix of the classic game show game of Plinko and a Pinball with a twist. With each game, players are given a challenge card which shows how to arrange the board and where to drop the ball. Then, they have to try to find the perfect place to add your additional bonus piece to force the ball into the right ending hole. Can you complete each challenge?

eCreamery’s Premium Holiday Collection

The taste of Christmas!! eCreamery’s Premium Holiday Collection is everything you could dream of. Christmas flavored ice cream shipped directly to your front door! It is an ice cream lovers dream. Some may have visions of sugar plums dancing in their heads but I know many who would dream of delicious flavors of ice cream instead. Get a box of four pints that include custom-churned ice cream flavors such as White Chocolate Peppermint Ice Cream with Chocolate Flakes (Let it Snow), Chocolate Cake Ice Cream with Fudge Swirls & Brownie Bites (Season’s Greetings), Vanilla Ice Cream with Toffee Crunch (Oh, What Fun), and Sea Salt Caramel Brownie Ice Cream (Merry & Bright). They are great for parties, gifts, or even just a special treat to snuggle up next to the fire and indulge. You sure can’t beat getting ice cream delivered straight to your door. (And if your kids are like mine, they will enjoy some science experiments with the dry ice).

Motif Photo Album

Memories compiled in an album can be one of the most cherished gifts you can give. The awesome thing about it? It is a gift that will be passed down and loved by generations to come. How many of you have taken time at some point or another to look through Grandma’s old photo album? Pictures of you as a child? With Motif, you can use old or new photos to create a one of a kind album gift!  

Gatorade 10 Gallon Cooler

Sports enthusiast – here ya go! What screams sports lover more than this Gatorade cooler? Grab some Gatorade mix and you have yourself a phenomenal Christmas gift for your sports loving baller. The 10 Gallon Cooler (or they also sell smaller sizes), has gallon and liter markings on the inside of the cooler to help ensure proper mixing ratios. This is also a great gift to gift to your school’s sports team or to your children’s ministry at church. Bring it along for a day at the park and offer free Gatorade as a way to serve others in your community. It can be set it on the back of your truck on a hot summer day while working on yard work or during a camping trip. The cooler will keep your water or Gatorade ice cold for long periods of time. The on the side cup holder keeps cups from blowing around on a breezy day. The screw on lid will prevent any dust and debris from getting inside of your drink. Built to last a lifetime, Gatorade coolers make an excellent gift!

Whimsical Watches 

A themed watch full of character adds personality to your outfit! Whimsical Watches don’t just allow you to be on time but they are also great icebreakers! Whether you have a special love for cats or whether you play tennis, Whimsical Gifts has a watch for you. When others take notice of what is on your watch (which they will), begin to carry on a conversation about what is dear to your heart! These watches are especially great for tweens who are looking to begin wearing a watch. The high-quality watches make them feel grown while the themes make them remember who they are and what they love!

Artistic Atmosphere Unicorn Letters

Felt boards mixed with unicorns… what more can you ask for. Felt boards have become such a fun way to say what you want to say. Between using for decor in your home or office and using a felt board to create your very own unique Instagram post, Artistic Atmosphere has plain white lettering or these fun, unicorn colored 2 inch lettering. Thank you Artistic Atmosphere for providing the felt board to make this gift guide fun! (The felt board used in many of the photos in this post were provided by Artistic Atmosphere.) 

Celestial Silk Scrunchies

As a high school teacher, I am finding that girls of ALL ages are falling back in love with the “old school” scrunchies. I brought a few packs of Celestial Silk Mulberry Scrunchies into my 9th grade homeroom today as a special surprise for my girls. You would have thought I was giving out $100 bills. They were super excited… especially after feeling how incredibly soft they are! If you are looking for a gift for your little girl all the way to your teenage daughter, Celestial Silk Scrunchies make for a great, loved, inexpensive gift!

Wally & Sidny – Travels, Juniper & Sally – Travels, and Dumb Duck

What is better than just a plain story for a teenager living in a tech world? It is a storyline with unique illustrations on every page. These illustrations are more than just pictures on a page. They are illustrations that are left for your teen to color! They are a lot more detailed than a child’s coloring book but less detailed than the adult coloring books…. Perfect for a teen!

The Godfather Trilogy Corleone Legacy HD

If you have a classic movie lover on your Christmas list here’s your gift! You just can’t get any more classic than The Godfather. This collection will bring hours of entertainment on these cold winter nights! Add a box of popcorn and you’ve got yourself an all-inclusive Christmas present to slide under the tree!

Nitro Circus Legends, Stories, and Epic Stunts 

My boys are CRAZY over Nitro Circus. They watch them on YouTube all the time while cringing when they are waiting for them to do an unbelievable stunt. It really is amazing what they do! The Nitro Circus books are a great way to incorporate reading to those who may not enjoy reading as much as others. Since it is something they are interested in, they will read through the book multiple times. They can learn about the people, the stories behind the stunts, and the stunts themselves in Nitro Circus’ book of Legends, Stories, and Epic Stunts.

Razor Pocket Mod

The latest and greatest scooter from Razor has brought hours of outdoor fun this cold winter season! It comes in a variety of colors that are all super cute. The Pocket Mod is proving to get all three of my kiddos outdoors on a very regular basis. For this reason alone I give it 5 stars!

If you are looking for the perfect gift to get your kids outside – this electric scooter from Razor should be at the top of your list! I guarantee you it will not disappoint. When you give the Mod Pocket you’re really giving much more than a scooter. You’re giving the gift of fresh air, which in turn will give better mental and physical health!

Crazy for Cookie Mug

My husband is big on hot chocolate chip cookies but he has to have a cup of milk with them every time! This “Crazy for Cookies Mug” from Big Mouth Inc. is going to make a great gift for him. Although, my boys may be a bit jealous. I see this mug being a big hit not just with my family but for anyone who buys it! It would make a great addition to a gift basket with a box or two of cookies!

Fuzzy Babba Slippers

Anyone else have cold wood flooring in the winter time? Fuzzy Babba Slippers aren’t good for keeping your feet warm but they are so… fuzzy! I even have an extra pair that I use just to sleep in. The Fuzzy Babba Slippers are warm and cozy but also protect your feet from dust and dirt that most wooden floors seem to attract no matter how often you sweep. You can grab them online or even at your local Walmart!

Mission Impossible 6-Movie Collection HD and 4K

If you have a daredevil on your Christmas list, this 6 movie collection is a must! Watch as the beloved Tom Cruise AKA Agent Hunt goes on “impossible” missions. Join in on the action-packed, adrenaline rushing scenes! What a great way to spend your Christmas vacay. Cuddle up with chocolates and popcorn and enjoy the ride!

The Lazy Frenchie in LA  

Love everything LA and Instagram? This book is for you! In it, you will explore 300 suggestions for where to eat, drink, shop, sightsee and even where to find some great street art. It is a unique look into LA and all it has to offer. Tourists and locals are falling in love with The Lazy Frenchie in LA. So, if you plan to visit (or just like a fun filled, artistic style book, make sure you snag a copy of The Lazy Frenchie in LA off Amazon!

Grosche Oasis Fruit Water Flask

Do you love fruit or herbs infused in your water? There are many health benefits (other than added flavor), to adding a variety of fruits (and even vegetables) to your water. Grosche Oasis Fruit Water Flask will help you reach your water intake goals as it holds 22 ounces of water so you do not have to fill it as often. The Oasis Fruit Water Flask will keep your water cold for 24 hours. For each bottle sold, a family in need received 50+ days of safe drinking water. On your flask, you will find a special code etched on the side. Scan it and be connected to the family that YOU provided clean drinking water for with your purchase!

Family Time Fun Games by Continuum Games

Original Dinner Games | Beginner Dinner Games

family conversation games

Sitting around the dinner table has become a thing of the past. Time to bring it back, better than ever! You won’t want to miss a night with the family around the kitchen table with Family Time Fun Games by Continuum Games! The Original Dinner Games and the Beginner Dinner Games provide entertainment at every meal. Quick, easy games such as Guess the Macaroni, Last Bite, Pass the Pepper, Fruity Feeling, Rainbow Dinner, Magic Spoon are just a few you will find in the Family Time Fun Game Decks! 

Sea Turtle Games Hoot!  

Give the gift of being active with this super fun. Game from Sea Turtle Sports! This is a great game to break out at family get together this season. Watch as the competitive edge comes out in the unlikely as they try to catch the ball. This is a great game to give and get. So… go get yours and get one to give!

Story Time Chess

What a great gift idea for your little analyzer! My eldest has always loved to figure things out and simply loves the game of chess. He would have totally flipped over this Story Time Chess when he was younger! What a great way to teach chess to our littles. Maybe my eldest can finally teach his mom how to play with Story Time Chess. 😉

Nitro Circus Best of BMX & Best of Scooter

How DO they do it? That is a question so many of the Nitro Circus fans ask to themselves on a regular basis. I know my boys are in constant amazement of the tricks that the Nitro Circus team members complete… successfully, at that! These two books will answer a lot of questions of how the BMX and Scooter pros can achieve all their cool tricks. Get the inside scoop to answer some of the “HOW?!” questions you may have.

Mudpot and Geyser Gift Set 

Do you have a “spa day” lover in your life? If so, Mudpot has got you covered. This combo set comes with a Mudpot SpotTreatment and Geyser thermal spring water toner. Help your loved one relax and melt the holiday stress away with this gift set! 

JBL Everest 110GA

Have you ever gone to the gym pumped for your workout, when you turn on your favorite playlist only to find your batteries are dead? It kind of deflated the moment. With JBL Everest 110GAs, you get 8 hours of dynamic acoustic sound on a quick 2-hour charge! You can also use your Google assistant to take control of your playlist using your voice or get that notification without ever even looking at your phone! Pair that with JBL’s Pro Sound and it’s Bluetooth capability and you have an amazing listening experience each time you turn these headphones on!

Moosh-Moosh Flashlight

What could possibly be any better than a stuffie that doubles as a flashlight? Our littles will have someone to whisper secrets to and they can put the spotlight on the “monster in the closet” when they’re scared! My little lady is a HUGE fan of stuffies and this one has absolutely stolen her heart. The only problem is deciding which one is cuter! Get the Moosh-Moosh Flashlight for all of your squishy lovers! This may “look” childish but, I am telling you, teens love Moosh-Moosh!!

Atom Land

If you have a budding physicist on your Christmas list, here is a book that is a must-have under your tree. My eldest man child has his sights set on being an Astrophysicist and is constantly reading any and all books that help his understanding on how the world of atoms work together, this is the book that will still be giving long after Christmas Day! Hours of fun in one little package.

Dollar Sock Crew 

Both of my sons (and even my husband) have a special love for socks. My boys both love fun, unique socks with a pop of color. Unfortunately, socks can be rather expensive…. Unless you choose to buy from the Dollar Sock Crew. You can snag a pack of 10 quality socks for only $20. That is my kind of deal! I can now set my son up on a subscription where he gets (my choice of) 5 or 10 pairs of socks every month for as little as $1.75 per pair. It is a fun, essential gift to give! 30% Take 30% Off Your First Order with code FIRSTTIME30 at DollarSockCrew.com

Planes, Trains, and Automobiles Blu-Ray, DVD, & Digital w/ Ornament

Steve Martin, a well put together Chicago advertising man (Neal) meets John Candy, playing (Del) a shower ring salesman who is the least bit put together. They get stuck riding in every imaginable way of transportation. How will they handle being cooped up together all upon the Thanksgiving holiday. This comedy will have you rolling with laughter!

AcousticSheep SleepPhones Wireless | Bluetooth Headphones 

My boys share a bedroom. One likes to listen to music as he falls asleep, the other wants it quiet! Wearing earbuds is not the most comfortable thing while you sleep. Plus, it can be difficult to keep them in your ears if you move around much in your sleep. The cordless headband style headphones, the AcousticSherp SleepPhones, are just genius! They are super soft, easy to wear and give just the right sound as you drift off to sleep. The AcousticSherp SleepPhones connect right to your phone using Bluetooth. Wireless, comfortable, great sound … and you have a great night’s sleep ahead of you!

Key Smart Urban 21 Commuter Backpack

Look sleek and professional headings to work after the Holidays with the Key Smart Urban 21 Commuter Backpack. Safety always comes before fashion but what if you can have the best of both worlds?! Well, you can! The Key Smart Urban 21 Commuter Backpack is not only secure but also water-resistant. It keeps your belongings dry and safe! The backpack style makes carrying your work belongings a breeze. Don’t worry, KeySmart did not jip you on the style. The sleek design is rather impressive. This backpack has a place for everything you need to bring to the job. It is laptop accommodating, while even having a specific place to carry your water bottle, notebook, pens and more. The KeySmart Backpack even has a pocket that is specialized to fit a Tile card to be able to track your backpack easily if it gets lost or stolen.

Nomader Collapsible Water Bottle

Whether you love to hike, travel, attend sporting events where a compact bottle would be a benefit, Nomader Collapsible Water Bottle may be for you. The bottle is made from silicone. Despite the fact that it can roll tight to make it more compact, the bottle will not collapse when drinking from it, fully opened. The patented screw tight cap is 100% leak proof! Doesn’t that sound amazing for a traveler?! Plus, the cap is made in a way that germs can’t enter when the bottle is open for drinking!! It sounds like a winner to me!

PuroSound PuroGamer

I can not begin to count the number of hours between my boys that they have spent on the Xbox. More than the games themselves, my boy’s favorite thing about their Xbox is that they have a way to get a group of their buddies from church or school together in a “group chat”… aka when they are playing a game. A new gamers headset was on my son’s Christmas list. The PuroSound PuroGamer is my top pick because it also protects my boy’s hearing by not allowing the sound to go above 85 dB but still allows them to hear their friends clearly. Also, I love that the microphone is built to pick up just the one wearing its voice. I hate feeling like all their friends can hear every conversation in our home. The PuroSound PuroGamer gives us privacy without having to make our kids get off the Xbox if my husband or I need to have a private conversation with someone else in the home.

Troentorp Clogs

Do your feet get chaustrophoboc? It’s a thing. I promise. I can’t stand to wear typical closed toed shoes. My piggies have to have room to breathe. These clogs have been an answered prayer this season! The problem with claustrophobic feet … I’ve got to have them covered in colder months. With these clogs I have the best of both worlds! Room to breathe but covered at the same time! Get these under your tree like now. Your feet Will thank you!

Ripley’s Believe It or Not 100 Years

Are you looking for a great conversation starter? This commemorative book from Ripley’s Believe it or Not is the gift for you! My kids absolutely adore all things Ripleys. So many cool things to see and read about in this gem. Everyone needs at least one of these under your tree!

Cracker Barrel’s Textured Detail Toggle Shawl

Staying warm never looked cuter than with Cracker Barrel’s Textured Detail Toggle Shawl! There is no concern of messing up your hair while still keeping warm on these chilly fall days. This is a Cracker Barrel exclusive so you will not be able to find it anywhere else but at Cracker Barrel. The textured khaki knit is attached in the front with an easy to fasten brown fastener. No need for the busy mom to worry with the shawl falling off her shoulder with this shawl. It is easy to put on and take off (although you most likely won’t want to take it off with how comfy it is)!

E-Blox Circuit Blox Lights ‘N Motion

Do you have a budding inventor in your family? I have one who has created and invented since he could walk. I love to see the wheels turning as children create their masterpieces. E-Blox makes it so easy for kids to get lost in a world of their making. Hands-on play is the best in my opinion and these blox make it so much more fun! If you can dream it – you can build it with E-Blox!

Brazil Bronze

Do you get tired of looking white as a ghost while protecting your skin from it’s harmful rays? The Brazil Bronze will give you the tan on your face without having to sacrifice your skin’s health! No tanning beds or sweating in the hot sun needed to get your tan on! Simply apply to a clean face and, within minutes, you will have quite the lovely tan.

Number 4  

Number 4 has some of the best inexpensive hair product holiday gift sets that I’ve seen. Quality hair products are at the top of a lot of teen and women’s gift lists this year. Have someone on your list who has a flair for fashion but you just don’t know what to get them? The Number 6 hair care sets would be perfect!

3B Waxing Acne Pads  

If clear skin is an issue, 3B Waxing has a solution for you! With their Acne and Ingrown Pads, 3B provides a great solution to help fight both acne and ingrown hairs. Using these pads daily will help in your battle against acne that can be so hard to beat! Try 3B today, your face will thank you!

Rabbids Coding

For a parent, teaching our kids skills that will prepare them for the future just comes with the responsibility of being a parent. In a world driven more and more by tech, teaching our kids skills in how to use technology certainly gives them an advantage. With Rabbids Coding, not only is it easy to understand, but it is also fun, a win-win for parent and child! The Rabbids have invaded a spaceship and make a complete mess of it. Your child will need to help clean it up by using programming codes in the spaceship’s operating system! Programmers of all ages will be taught the basics of of algorithmic logic and programming as well as sequential programming, loops, and conditions. With 32 levels, players of all ages (seven and up with reading skills) will not only learn basic programming skills but have a blast doing it too! To download the game, simply log in or create a Uplay account at uplay.ubisoft.com.


Nothing says I care like a specially customized gift. For that gamer, techie or teen in your life, that can be hard to do. With SkinIt not only is it possible, but easy too! Whether looking to customize a phone case, a bumper case, a charger, or a Playstation or Xbox console, there is something for everyone! Whether your loved one is a fan of major league sports, anime, Disney, Marvel, or DC Comics, SkinIt has you covered! You can even customize your skin using personal photos! Check them out at www.skinit.com to find the perfect gift for your loved one this Christmas!

Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Breakpoint

No one name is more well known and respected in the gaming world than Tom Clancy. In his latest release, Ghost Recon Breakpoint, a group of former Ghosts gone rogue, called the Wolves have taken over the mysterious island of Auroa. This island is home to Skell Technology and the Wolves will stop at nothing in using all of the tech and drones of Skell Tech as killing machines. Players will have the option to play solo or up to four-player co-op. This military shooter game is a must have for your gamer this season!

Blue Orange Games Sherlock Express

Do you have a budding game enthusiast? A couple of my kids LOVE to pull out a game and battle it out any chance they get! This mystery game is going to be a perfect addition to our stash. It’s perfect for my 11 year old and 16 year old alike!

It’s a game of mystery. Do you enjoy seeking out clue and solving mysteries? Try your hand at being the detective when playing the game Sherlock Express from Blue Orange Games. This game is great for ages 7 and up!

Holiday Laughs 4-Movie Collection DVD (includes Daddy’s Home 2, Office Christmas Party, Trading Places, Surviving Christmas) 

Christmas may have to come early at our house! This is a great gift to slide under the tree and open early. There’s no better way to get in the Christmas spirit than getting the decorations down and turning on a Christmas movie! Great family tradition, in my opinion. My kids know once November hits – it’s Christmas movies and music. This 4-movie collection is a great addition to our nightly ritual! Go get yours now and get that tree up!

Polaroid POP 2.0

Long before the days of cell phones with cameras, the big thing was a polaroid camera. It was a cool way to have instant memories of life’s special events and actually have a hard copy as well! The Polaroid Pop 2.0 takes the photo of the ’80s and combines it with today’s technology resulting in an instant much higher quality photo.

Using a touch screen, Pop 2.0 allows you to not only take photos but also edit and add text or emojis before printing! In addition, it also can record high definition videos as well. Have some pics on your device that you would like to print? No problem the Pop 2.0 can connect to your device to print your favorite photos on the 3 x 4 Polaroid format we have loved all these years! Grandma would be proud of the pictures we can take with the Polaroid POP 2.0!

Born Again Runner

Ready. Set. Go. Get this book under your tree now! My firstborn decided he was going to run cross country this year. He did great for a first-timer but this book is going to help him prepare for next season! Born Again Runner is a book about determination and overcoming obstacles in life. No more excuses… you CAN run! If you have a runner in your home they need this book!

Yellowstone: Season Two Blu-ray

I may just get an extra kiss under the mistletoe for this one! My husband loves all things western add Yellowstone and he’ll totally swoon! In this modern-day western with a twist, you’ll be tempted to binge-watch the entire series in one sitting! If you have a western and nature-loving loved one on your list this year – wrap this season up with a bow and call it a day!

Brelox Travel Jewelry Organizer

Have you ever traveled and when you were unpacking all your belongings at your hotel, you realize that your necklaces are all tangled from shifting inside the suitcase while traveling? The Brelox Travel Jewelry Organizer will keep all of your jewelry safe from being lost and keep all your necklaces and bracelets from becoming a tangled mess! Made of high-quality water-resistant

NEW Ripley’s Believe It or Not – Beyond the Bizarre

Are you ready to be amazed? Ripley’s Believe It or Not always leaves me wanting more. From a cat with 20+ toes to a man living in a sand castle for two decades, you won’t be able to put this book down! The photography is amazing and facts are bizarre and amazing at the same time. This is a great gift for the family! This book will spark lots of interesting conversations around the dinner table!

i-JAZZ Bluetooth Headphones

Headphones can be the most aggravating yet beneficial thing during a workout. Picture earbuds falling out and cords tangling as you jog, then having to stop to untangle so that they don’t pull out of your ear. The i-JAZZ Bluetooth Wireless Headphones are a great, happy medium. The cord won’t tangle and you won’t be scrounging on the floor looking for a lost individual earbud. If someone comes up to talk during your workout, simply pull one earbud out and let it drape across your shoulder, waiting for easy access of being put back in your ear. With the BlueTooth technology, jamming to your favorite tunes or answering a call from a friend is easy. For your tech-loving teen, the i-JAZZ Bluetooth Headphones will bring smiles on Christmas morning!

Holiday Wreath Chocolate Pizza & Peanut Butter Wings

MMMM… Yum! Chocolate… Yes, please! Chocolate Pizza is not truly a pizza with chocolate. I have had several people ask me what it is (after I was bragging on how good it was) so let me explain it to you. The chocolate pizza is basically a sheet of chocolate in the size and shape of a pizza with “toppings” on top. The toppings are sprinkles and chunks of candy that are embedded into the chocolate for decoration (and an extra tasty finish to the “chocolate pizza”. It is perfect for any chocolate lover!

The chocolate peanut butter wings are to die for! You have to just try them. They are chips with peanut butter on them then dipped in chocolate. The Peanut Butter Wings come in a beautiful tin can, already for giving as a gift!

Arcopedico Boots

I have searched high and low for comfortable, quality, stylish boots. It seems as though anytime I find a pair I like, they are lacking either the comfort, quality or they are just flat out not stylish. Arcopedico Boots have hit a home run. I can honestly say, these are the most comfortable boots I have ever put on my feet. Aside from comfort, the quality is impeccable. Oh, and you can see for yourself how stylish they are!

On the inside of these boots, you will find a faux fur liner made of a mix of polyester and wool to keep your feet warm on winter days. I was concerned my feet would get sweaty on the “not so winter days” but I was surprisingly wrong. With twin-arch support with a removable insole. Now for (maybe) the best part about the W9 boots by Arcopedico. They are MACHINE WASHABLE! How awesome is that?! I am seriously considering buying the black pair so I can wear these boots with every outfit!

Ripley’s Believe It or Not – 100 Best Bions

It is the best of the best when it comes to Ripley’s fun facts! The Ripley’s Believe It or Not, 100 Best Bions is where Ripley’s compiled all Ripley’s interesting facts and showcases the top 100. These stories are unbelievable but they have pictures to prove that it really did happen! Will you believe it, or not?

material, this compact case will lay flat while holding up to 25 earrings, eight necklaces, and a variety of bangles and other chunky jewelry along with pockets for additional jewelry. This is a great gift for a woman who loves to travel (or has to travel a lot for work)! 

The Epic Nalgene OG

Often, I see people in Walmart buying multiple cases of water all at one time. They load it in their cart, unload it at the register, reload it in their cart, all to unload into their vehicle and then into their home. It can get expensive to drink clean water but also a nuisance. Then, after all that work, you still manage to walk out of the house grabbing only one bottle and having to stop to buy a bottle of water at the gas station. Now, you can buy the Epic Nalgene OG Bottle and have clean, purified water at any time regardless of where you go (as long as you have some form of water source). Epic Water Filters offers a variety of filtration systems. My favorite has to be the Epic Nalgene OG for our busy lifestyles. I get clean, great-tasting water anywhere I go!


Do you have that “one” on your list who seems to be cold… All. The. Time??
I have a few of those on my list! FeeJays is sure to warm their hearts (and warm their hands and feet, too). It’s more than a hoodie and pants. Fee Jays are cozy hoodies with built-in mittens. No worries on snow getting to your fingers with FeeJays! There is no need for socks because FeeJays has you covered with comfy ultra plush sherpa-lined footies! FeeJays has clothing to keep both adults AND kids warm this winter.

JBL Playlist

In today’s world finding your favorite songs and creating a playlist has never been easier! With the JBL Playlist, you can hit a single button and Presto! Your favorite tunes begin to play! Using Google Chromecast enables you to use your phone to play pause or control the volume. With JBL you will enjoy crystal clear playback of all your favorite tunes.

My Israel’s Miracle Hair Care  

Have you ever heard of people talking about visiting the Dead Sea in Israel for healing purposes. The Dead Sea has some amazing minerals to keep skin and hair healthy. All products from My Israel’s Miracle include 7 Organic Israeli Herbs, Israeli Argan Oil & Powerful Healing Water. Your hair won’t just look good but it will be healthy, too! Each ingredient has natural ways to restore your hair and keep it looking amazing! Go ahead and buy the whole set, you are going to love all the products!

Ruby’s Natural Hair Care  

Ruby’s is a family owned business started by a professional cosmetologist of 25 years. Seeking to provide quality hair care without the chemicals, Ruby’s Natural Hair Care was created. They offer Oils, Body Butter, Hair Mud, Shampoos and Conditioners, Face and Body Scrubs, and Soaps.All products are made with completely natural ingredients to protect your hair and protect your health!

Creation Crate

Have a budding engineer on your hands? Get their mind cranking with Creation Crate. Subscription boxes can be purchased on a monthly, quarterly, semi-annually, or annually basis. Everything you need to complete your project will be included in the box. With the online classroom, learn how to put together your project along with how and why it works. As you complete each box, the level will go up just like in school. The more you do, the more intense of a project you will work on. Start as a beginner and end as a tech wizard! Create projects such as a mood lamp, and audio visualizer, games, and even an FM transmitter! Get creating today!

Amazfit SmartWatch  

Do you have a New Years Resolution to try to lose weight or just get healthier in general? Making sure you are active enough throughout the day is important. Do you ever wonder how many steps you have taken in a day’s time? Amazfit is a smartwatch with a 30 day battery off one single charge!! That is AMAZING!!! It features a reflective always-on color touch display, GPS, barometer, geomagnetic sensor, PPG heart rate sensor, 3-axis accelerometer for activity, sports and sleep tracking. It even allows you to receive emails, text messages, calls and app notifications on the watch display. You can track your runs, cycling and other sports with detailed GPS routes and stats. Amazfit is one SMARTwatch!

Sarah Nicole Skincare  

Do you moisturize properly prior to putting makeup on? Do you ever struggle with dry patches that make your foundation look flaky? Sarah Nicole Skincare can fix that for you with her Nourishing Cream Moisturizer. It is ideal for all skin types, even oily and/or sensitive skin. Apply it to your face prior to putting makeup on for a soft and smooth. Don’t get caught in holiday photos with dry, flaky skin! You will love the difference it will make when using Sarah Nicole’s Nourishing Cream Moisturizer as a base before applying makeup!

Choosy Chick  

What gal isn’t happy with some new makeup under the tree. My husband and I work with teens and, let me tell you, makeup sure does make a girl happy! Especially Choosy Chick. Looking to create a perfect winged look? You have GOT to check out the The Quick Flick – Aussie made Wingtip Natural Eyeliner Pen. It allows the user to create a highly pigmented, easy to apply, precise line that does not drip or smudge. It is incredibly long-wearing and is sweat and water resistant. The best part, it is made of all natural ingredients! Pair it with a beautiful Eye Palette from Lily Lolo.

Adventure Force Max Morpher by Buzz Bee Toys

These dart blasters never go out of style! I played with them when I was younger and I can’t even count how many we have amassed in our home for my kids! My boys love these blasters. They can have a showdown outside on nice days and we’ve had our fair share indoors on rainy winter days. The Adventure Force Max Morpher is going to lots of “game time” in this house!

Precious Moments I Llove You Lots

Do you buy an ornament every year to commemorate the year? Precious Moments has many adorable ornaments but my favorite has to be the I Llove You Lots llama ornament. My mom, every year, buys each of the grandkids a special ornament. She tries to buy an ornament that coincides with something new they learned to do that year or a “favorite” from the year. This year, my son will be getting the “I Llove You Lots” ornament. All year, my son has been crazy over llamas after a visit to a drive-thru zoo. He got up close and personal with a llama and has decided they are his favorite animal. When he is older, and his “favorites” may have changed, he will have this ornament to remind him of the year of loving llamas along with his special trip to the drive-thru zoo!

Eat. Play. Love.

Looking for the good in everything… even the little things can be easy to forget. For a dog, they find love in even what we consider to be “little things”. Have you noticed how dogs look at a simple meal with such excitement and anticipation? A pat on the head is heavenly for a dog. Are you as excited about life as your dog is? Take time and read Eat. Sleep. Love. It has 100 heartwarming life lessons from a dog’s perspective. If you let those thoughts soak in and apply them to your life, life will be much grander!

Mudpot Pot Mask

Mudpot is a natural way to cleanse your face without all the harmful chemicals that the typical beauty products have in them. Using all-natural ingredients, Mudpot restores and balances the skin without stripping your skin of the beneficial bacteria. The packaging is even biodegradable with wildflower seeds embedded in the paper. The packaging is great for planting directly in to the ground! So, it is really two gifts in one!

JoJo MP3 Player Karaoke

One of the joys around our house is walking by our 6-year-old daughter’s room as she plays to hear her singing. Whether a song she learned at school, church, or from her favorite movie, oftentimes she puts on her own little concert! With the eKids JoJo Siwa MP3 Karaoke machine, her concerts are going to the next level.

This karaoke machine connects via Bluetooth to your devices so that you can stream any content to the machine. It also features an internal memory that can store hours of your favorite music. If you run out of space, no problem! Just add a flash drive to the built-in USB port for even more of your favorite songs!

Of course, no concert is complete with our a real working microphone and lights, eKids has you covered with a wired mic and multi-colored LED lights as well. It is lightweight and includes built-in rechargeable batteries so that your child will be ready to hit the road with their favorite songs along for the ride!  

Scentuals Sleep Well Gift Set

Give the gift of rest this Christmas! This set from Scentuals will fill your senses with calm and allow you to drift off into a peaceful sleep. I don’t know any mamas anywhere who wouldn’t benefit from a good nights rest – especially this time of year. This is a great gift for any moms, teachers, students, or co-worker. Go ahead and get several – you’re going to want one as soon as you get the first sniff! The Sleep Well Gift Set is available at Sobeys, Pharmasave, Safeway, Thrifty Foods, independent pharmacies and Scentuals.com

Free Day Popcorn Sack of Popcorn & Mason Jar

Looking for a gift for your boss, your child’s teacher, or that hard to buy for a family member? Free Day Popcorn has you covered with an array of fresh popcorn kernels of different types that won’t even need wrapping. Free Day Popcorn offers popcorn in rustic burlap bags or mason jars decorated with a piece of burlap and a ribbon. All popcorn is grown on a family farm near the Kansas/Nebraska border and then shipped fresh from the farm!

Dora and the Lost City DVD

For those who were Dora fans as a little tyke, Paramount is releasing an all-new Dora. This time Dora is an actual actress, not an animated character. This has made it exciting for those who still love Dora but feel a bit too old to watch the cartoon version.

Dora is all grown up (just like some of her older fans) and headed to the hardest “jungle” of all… HIGH SCHOOL! Dora has always been one for adventure but high school is a little different than her typical adventure. That is until Boots (her pet monkey), her famous best friend, Diego, and a group of teens find themselves on an adventure to save Dora’s parents. They are also on a mission to try to crack a case, a case that seems impossible. The case of the lost city of gold. Join Dora on yet another adventure… just a little different than her normal.

Avon Live Out Loud  

Avon Live Out Loud offers a sweet wild strawberry, sparkling mimosa and vanilla that will stay with you through your day. It’s an inspiring scent that provides confidence, fierce independence, and vibrant energy. Express yourself with Avon’s Live Out Loud perfume.

Just Dance 2020  

Time to get some good exercise in all while having a blast! Just Dance 2020 is now available on Nintendo Switch, Nintendo Wii, PlayStation 4, XBox One, Google Stadia, and UPLAY+. It is rated E for everyone. Get to dancing like nobody is watching! With 40 new songs, stunning universes, and exclusive surprises to discover, Just Dance is back and better than ever! Just Dance has sold over 67 MILLION units, make sure you get in on this fun and energetic game you can play right in your very own home!


Have you ever noticed as a stranger walks past you at the store or maybe when you give a friend a hug, you get a refreshing whiff of a clean scent. Maybe it is their laundry detergent, shampoo, hairspray, or even their perfume. Inkling will leave those around you remembering how good you smell. The perfume is made from essential oils and is rolled on to allow you to get the most out of it! No more losing part of the scent into the air, the roller application leaves it only on the skin! These make great stocking stuffers, teacher’s gifts, or add to a gift basket for a boss or co-worker.

HappyPop Socks

Have you noticed all the fun socks everyone is wearing these days? HappyPop Socks has all the fun socks you can imagine. They have everything from socks for the food junky to unicorn socks for your little princess. Crazy over tacos? Have a fascination with cats? Love to read? Or maybe you just like polka dots and fun colored socks? HappyPop Socks will do just that… make you happy and pop from the rest of the crowd! They have it all from boxed sets to individual socks. It is a one-stop sock shop for men, women, and children.

Ravensburger King Me! Game

Do you love the game of Checkers but maybe a little bored with playing the same game over and over? King Me! is for you. King Me! is a game of strategy similar to Checkers but more fun. Now, you can control territories, take over being king when you jump a king and earn points. Great for strategic minds, ages eight and up.

Gamer’s Edition 2020

My youngest son, like many his age, loves all things video games. From playing video games to watching videos about his favorite games, I think he could be engulfed in them around the clock if he were allowed. The Gamer’s World Records Book Gamers Edition is a perfect book for him. For 2020 the book is themed around some of the legendary characters of video games. Names like Mario, Pikachu, and Spider-Man. There is even a Fortnite chapter with a “build” yourself into the record books! This is a must-have for the serious gamer in your family!

Scattergories 30th by Winning Moves

I’m listening to my kids play one of their favorite games as I type this. If you don’t have a family game night, you are missing out! Some of my favorite memories growing up are from us around the dining room table strategizing to cream our family… 🙂 I can’t wait to add this 30th edition of Scattergories to our weekly lineup. If you don’t have your family game night already set up, give it a try! Challenge yourself for the next 45 days to have at least 4 game nights – I do believe you will love your time together and make forever memories!

Classic Gray with White Frame – 10×10 Inch Felt Letter Board – Easel Stand, 340 Letters and Storage Bag Included

I feel like I’m channeling my inner Joanna with this sweet letter board. Call me crazy but I have secretly been coveting the one in her office since I first saw it! I love how versatile these cute boards are. I can leave a message for the hubs or kids or wish all who enter a glad tiding. I’m loving this board so so much. I can’t imagine anyone who wouldn’t just adore this gift! The possibilities are endless for where you can use this fashionable Felt Letter Board.

Kanna Ghillie Women’s (Light Blue) shoes by Vivobarefoot

Mama, you NEED these shoes BEFORE Christmas! Seriously go order them now! These shoes will make Black Friday shopping a breeze. So comfy and fashion-forward at the same time! They come in a variety of colors to go with whatever mood you’re in. You can thank me later.

HighOh Reusable Pads

It can be expensive being a woman. Having to buy feminine products every month gets extremely pricey. Did you know you can now buy reusable pads? Stay with me here for a minute… imagine not having to pay for pads for another three or four years? Sounds nice, right? Two sisters formed a business called HighOh, selling washable pads! Made of all-natural bamboo charcoal fiber these pads are safe, effective, and feel much better than disposable pads. Give HighOh Reusable pads a try!!

Lugz Footwear 

If there is one thing every man needs, it is a good pair of boots. From taking a strenuous hike to working in the yard, a great set of boots had many uses.

Lugz has hit it out of the park again with not only a great boot but good looking as well! The Men’s Folsom 6 inch boot features a padded insole, collar, and tongue along with a breathable lining that makes this boot extremely comfortable to wear. On the exterior it features the TPR Lug Outsole as well as being slip resistant, making any terrain more easily navigated.

With three different colors to choose from, Lugz makes it possible to get a great boot with an even better look! Make sure you get a pair, your feet will thank you!

GoFish Camera

Every fisherman has probably spent some time at some point watching the pros online or tv. One of the things I love about those shows is getting to see what happens under the water during the battle between fish and angler! I have often thought when bass fishing how cool it would be to be able to see that same kind of action with the fish I am catching. Using the GoFish Camera that dream is now a reality!

The GoFish Camera attaches easily to your line regardless of what type of rig or fishing you are doing. It can be used in either fresh or saltwater and can be used at a depth of up to 500 feet! It features built in WiFi to easily connect to your phone so that you can enjoy and share the HD video of your underwater battles with all of your fishing buddies! By using this camera it allows you to see what fish are in the area and even identify things such as where the fish beds are too! You can even purchase a float accessory to turn the camera into a bobber and with it above water, livestream your fishing action! Made with a rugged military exterior, this Camera is a welcomed addition to any anglers tackle box! The more you see the more you catch and the GoFish Camera is the perfect way to find that trophy fish!

Jabra Move Style Edition

Music is such a huge part of my life! Whether running errands, working out, doing chores around the house or just hanging out, most of the time I have music playing.

The Jabra Move Style Edition has taken my personal music to a whole new level! It has a ultra light headband and features Jabra’s Digital Signal Processing making listening to music enjoyable for hours! Speaking of hours, the battery life is good for up to 14 hours off a single charge and 12 days of standby!

The Jabra Move Style Edition has the ability to be connected through a wired jack or wirelessly with a range of 32 feet! With three great colors to choose from this headset truly looks as good as it sounds!


Exploring a big city can be a thrilling adventure. Between beautiful structures, history to learn, and stunning views (especially at night), my “to do list” when visiting has always been bigger than my bank account. I have used CityPASS in Chicago before which allows visits to some of the best attractions in the Windy City. My husband and I took a quick trip to New York City earlier this year and have plans to return. We didn’t have time to enjoy the city as much as we would like. I already have our tickets for all the places we are dying to visit together! Great thing is, with CityPASS, the tickets are 44% less than if you bought them straight up. Now, THAT is more in line with my bank account! We love using CityPASS!!

The Empire State Building has been on my bucket list for years now. My husband, he has been anxious to go to the 9/11 Memorial & Museum. We had plans to go while we were there in February but had a family emergency that cut our trip short (the day we were to go to the 9/11 Memorial & Museum)! Among the other places, we will be visiting with city pass include the American Museum of Natural History (for my history-buff of a husband), The Metropolitan Museum of Art (which will be more up my alley), and then we both are stoked about the Top of the Rock Observation Deck. We went to eat in the Rockefeller Center in February. I can only imagine the view from the observation deck! Seeing the Statue of Liberty from the boat will be much different than getting to experience walking right next to it! 

My kids will be jealous. Maybe we will need to just buy some additional tickets and change it to a family trip! Thank you, CityPASS for making traveling easier and more affordable! Give your child the gift of exploring the world around them!  

Zendure A8QC External Battery

Like most families today, we are always on the go. Whether kids sports games, trips to the grandparents (5 hours a way), camping or out recent family vacation on a cruise (yes I wish I was still there) we are just busy. We love taking photos and videos with our phones and our kids always have their devices handy to play a game, watch a movie, or chat with friends.

The Zendure A8QC External Battery has been a game-changer for our family! When we start packing one of the first things we make sure we have is this battery! This battery can charge not one but 4 devices at one time! With a family of 5, it takes away the arguments of who gets to charge next!

What I love most is how much power and how quick this battery is. It can charge a smartphone from 0 to 80% in 35 minutes. It can also charge them multiple times. For example, on a full charge, the Zendure A8QC External Battery can charge an iPhone 8 10.5 times!

Living where we do, we can get ice in the winter and occasionally hurricanes in the summer. In addition to being a must-have when we travel, this battery is part of our emergency plan for those times we lose power. We have been a couple of days without power and thanks to the Zendure A8QC External Battery have been able to stay connected with our phones to let our family know we were ok.

So whether you are in the go or preparing for those times when electricity is just out of reach, the Zendure A8QC External Battery is the perfect solution to keep your family charged and ready for all your adventures!

BellaBeat Urban Leaf

Do you want to keep up with your steps but can’t wear the more sports-themed fitness trackers to work? BellaBeat has heard your cries. Since I have started working a public job again, I’m dressing business casual and didn’t want to wear my regular fitness tracker due to it being a little less dressy. This Leaf Urban is solving this issue beautifully for me! It looks super stylish and can connect to my phone to give up real-time updates on my fitness schedule for the day. Such a versatile piece! Bellabeat also has a club for women who are interested in achieving an overall well-being. You can check it out HERE.

MagnaReady Magnetic Dress Shirts

Do you ever see something and think… why didn’t I think of that? The MagnaReady Dress Shirts are definitely one of those products! Everyone who has seen my husband and son’s MagnaReady Dress Shirts has said the SAME thing! GENIUS! They look just like regular collared, button-up dress shirts but the buttons are magnetic. This is convenient for anyone but especially helpful for those with compromised fine motor skills due to health problems or old age. The quality of the shirts is fantastic. They run true to size and are loved by teens and grown men!

Toy Story 4 Puzzle 100pc puzzle

This summer our family was privileged to go to a family camp with our church family. People of all ages from toddlers to senior citizens were there. There were lots of activities going on throughout the week, but undoubtedly one of the things we did the most was to put jigsaw puzzles together. Especially in the evenings, you would find a team of different folks of all ages coming and going all working together to complete our puzzle. As a matter of fact, we did 3 in a week!

Ravensburger has incorporated a high-quality puzzle with something most kids (and parents) can relate too, Toy Story 4! With each piece of this 100 piece puzzle having its own unique shape, it combines characters kids can relate too with a level of challenge that will encourage your child’s concentration and creativity. Created for kids 6 and up, this is a great way to spend time with your child while having great conversation and making memories! 

The Best Messless Chocolate Milk Mixing Mug

What kid does not love chocolate milk? Now, with the Best Messless Chocolate Milk Mixing Mug, you and your child can enjoy chocolate milk! Kids are always messy but with this mug, there are no worries. The Best Messless Chocolate Milk Mixing Mug is drop safe, leak proof, and dishwasher safe! Just add your choice of chocolate mix, pour the milk, and enjoy! Let the Best Messless Chocolate Milk Mixing Mug do the mixing for you, without the mess!

Hoopman! Portable Basketball Goal

Ciao! Has offered baby portable high chairs for a while now but they have something now for the bigger little kiddos. Perfect for toddlers and younger grade school aged children, the Hoopman! Portable Basketball Goal will be a slam dunk this Christmas! Weighing just five pounds, this basketball goal fold up just like a camping chair, making it easy to play on the go. Bring it to a park, play a game at the grandparents house, or simply take it inside on a rainy day for a fun, indoor game of ball!


I have made it a point that each of my children knows how to prepare at least one meal. I may not be shooting for the stars there, but two of them are teenage boys who would much rather consume than cook. How I wish I had Kidstir when they were smaller! Learning to prepare food that both tastes good and has nutritional value is a life lesson so many kids are lacking now. Make learning to cook simple and fun with Kidstir. Be sure and let me know which recipe you liked the best!

Dinosaurs, The Grand Tour

Dinosaurs are some really amazing creatures to learn about. How much do you know? If you have a child who has an inquisitive mind like mine, you will be asked a million questions about dinosaurs. This is a great book to have on hand when all those questions start to hit. It gives a lot of insight on each kind of dinosaur along with great real-life looking images.

FART NINJAS Basic Figures Series 1

Many laughs are going to come from these NINJAS. Boys and gas just seem to go hand in hand. My two guys are going to love playing pranks on their friends. I may just give one of these in my family’s “dirty Santa” game this year… we adults may or may not still get a kick out of this humor too!

Roma Boots

Have I mentioned that I love companies that have their eyes on a bigger picture? I can’t say how it warms my heart for companies to give to those who are less fortunate. Roma’s Chelsea Red waterproof boots will not only keep your loved one’s feet warm and dry, there will be someone else, possibly on the opposite side of this rock we live on, enjoying toasty feet as well. All because you purchase a pair of these super cute boots! We may be wearing these boots as a fashion statement but to others, it’s keeping them well, warm, and providing a means to traverse rough weather conditions. There are so many styles and colors, you’ll have a hard time picking just one!

Paramount Addams Family Movie

Family Movie Night pick right here! Gather the popcorn, the pillows, and the kids and settle in for a night of fun that only our beloved Addams Family can deliver. This double feature has had my kids rolling. Double feature, double memories! Now, my kids can enjoy the same classic movies that involve the same characters I grew up watching! I have a feeling my little princess is going to be bumping into things trying to be Cousin Itt for the next while. Family time is the best time! 

Rume Bags

If you have someone on your list who travels on a regular basis, you just have to check out these super trendy bags from My RuMe. My hubby travels on a somewhat regular basis for work and was in desperate need of a new garment bag. This one is going to transform how he travels! There’s room for everything and it’s so easy to transport. My RuMe has styles to fit every traveler on your list!

Hope Planner by Hope Fuel

Life can get pretty crazy with rushing from one place to the next, making sure children are fed and bathed, and being involved in as many activities as you can be for your children. At that time, often, people miss out on prayer time and devotions. Despite your desire, sometimes it just gets pushed to the back burner when life’s pressing moments are right in your face. The Hope Planner, a Christian woman’s planner, (which men can use, too) helps you get your life organized so that you DO have time for your devotions and prayer time. It is all worked into the planner with a place for devotions, prayer requests, and even a place for church notes! Get grounded in your faith all while keeping life more organized with the Hope Planner by Hope Fuel!

Hoyle Sharks are Wild, Super Me, and Waterproof Cards

Card games are a load of fun for both kids and adults but, BOY is Hoyle sneaky with their card games! They are good at sneaking in cognitive development skills without the children even taking notes. Whether playing Super Me, Sharks are Wild or one of the other Hoyle Card Games, they will increase their skills all in the name of fun! Hoyle Waterproof cards are great for sticky, dirty little fingers but also great for adults who want to play cards around the pool! Maybe Santa will be sliding a game or two in your little one’s stocking!

Kiss Naturals

DIY Makeup

This is perfect for the little diva in your life! Practical gifts that encourage creativity are definitely a win/win for this mama! We have started doing a craft with the kids at Grandmas on Thanksgiving day – these will be absolutely perfect. Time with cousins, creating, sans electronics – SCORE! Whether you use these as stocking stuffers, for a birthday party, or a family craft time – the memories made will last forever.

Mad Mattr by Relevant Play

Creativity at it’s finest! My little lady still loves to play and create. This Mad Mattr from Relevant Play is going to be one of her favorites! I love the fact that it is gluten free. We are gluten sensitive so I love products that keep families like ours in mind. Dream it and then build it – that’s her motto!

Shop Beanies 

My daughter has one of these bracelets and wears it everywhere she goes. It’s a great reminder to her that she is blessed. The quality from Beyond Beanie is second to none. You will love these bracelets and while you’re looking put one of their super cute beanie’s in your cart as well. I sport one in the winter months here in the Carolinas. It keeps my noggin warm and looks stylish at the same time. Help Beyond Beanie help others!



Essential Oils… Oh, how I love thee! I can not say enough about the healing powers of the things we find naturally around us. I have diffusers in my office, my kitchen, my dining room, bedroom, bathroom… pretty much every room. I have rollers for immediate relief. That is one of the things I love most about essential oils, they are versatile and totally mobile. I never have to leave home without my blend for anxiety or allergies. If you’ve never tried essential oils, what are you waiting on? You can thank me later!

Packbands Adjustable Straps 3-Pack and 6-Pack

No more tangled heaps of drop cords or Christmas lights in this house! Packbands are a game changer! I love getting gifts that are useful and I’m married to Mr. Organization, so I do believe we have found ourselves a winner! Every year as I’m sitting on the floor untangling 10,000 lights for the Christmas tree, I vow, things will be different when I take down the decorations this year. But something magical happens in those few weeks and I forget the struggle. Not this year! Packbands are going to save my sanity!

Pound Puppies

Boy, oh boy! This brings back some great childhood memories! Pound Puppies are BACK for your children to enjoy, the same way you did when you were little!! They look and feel just like the ones you played with as a child. Adopt a pound puppy today and give your child lasting memories!

Chord Boss

Ever dream of playing the guitar but unsure where to start? With My Chord Boss, that dream can become a reality! With its ability to move seamlessly up and down the neck you will be playing in no time. Using its ingenious button the Chord Boss makes all major and minor chords a reality!

Brilliant Maps for Curious Minds

I am not sure about you but I love looking at maps. I love to travel and know about random places in the world so I can be sure to add the most interesting ones to my bucket list. Did you know there are some countries that do not even have a river that runs through it? Brilliant Maps for Curious Minds is not just a book of maps. It is chalked full of interesting information about culture, history, and even politics in different areas of the world.

Paint This Book

Many think that painting is a talent. It may be but art is a form of personal expression. Sure, you may not be Picasso but that is ok. Your art is YOUR art… it is the way YOU express YOU! Art is a way to relax and drift off from the craziness around you. This book is all about YOU expressing your version of art. Watercolor paint, paintbrush, and even a book full of ideas along with a space to paint on each page are all included. Remember, painting is not just for kids or the super talented… it is for anyone wanting to have an outlet to express themselves and unwind from a busy day.

Stitch + Sound: Sew a Singing Bluebird

Have a bird lover on your Christmas list? Look no further. Not only is the gift perfect but the time you take to make it will speak your love loud and clear. Homemade gifts always warm my heart like no others. Perhaps you are you the bird lover? Get a couple of the Stitch + Sound kits and invite your loved one to make one with you. Fond memories of your time together will come flooding back everytime you see your beautiful handmade bluebird.

Think Fun Games Invasion of the Cow Snatchers

The debate of whether UFOs are real or not is no concern when it comes to this game! It is all about challenging yourself to complete task cards ranging from easy to super hard. The object of the game? Beam up all the cows (magnetic chips) into your very own UFO (a magnet). Navigate your way around the farm and make sure the red bull (chip) is last to be picked up. Watch out for the hay bales, silos, and fences. They tend to get in the way. Strategy is key! Put your brain to work with ThinkFun’s new game, Invasion of the Cow Snatchers!

Rheos Wayfarer Floating Sunglasses Polarized – Waders

Who doesn’t love a day on the lake? Fresh air, lots of sunshine and refreshing water makes for a great time of memories and relaxation. Losing a pair of your favorite shades in the lake as you swim or play can definitely be a downer on a great time. With the Rheos Wayfarer Floating Sunglasses Polarized Waders, that won’t be an issue again!
Made with an Ultralight TPX frame construction, these shades are not only extremely durable but also super lightweight! In fact, they are 20% lighter than average sunglasses. In addition, the lenses are polarized with a Rain X like finish as well as being anti-scratch and shatterproof! You will love the style and feel of these great shades.

Block Island Natural Sunscreen & Revitalizing Night Cream

I’m getting to the age that my skin isn’t looking quite as youthful as it once did. I’m not complaining, these wrinkles and stretch marks help tell my story. However, I don’t mind products that keep folks guessing my age! Block Islands sunscreen and revitalizing night cream are not only protecting my skin from the harsh harmful rays, but it’s also putting some of the nutrients back that years of abuse have depleted. I don’t mind getting older, honestly, I don’t, but if I find a product that helps me do that gracefully – count me in! Try Block Island – your face will thank you!

Family Matching PJs 

Oh my goodness! I’ve died and gone to pajama heaven! I so remember wearing these as a young tot. So comfy! Big Feet Pajama Co. has taken the Big Feet Pajamas to a new level and I’m loving their designs. I do believe you will too! They have something for everyone in the family! We may just have our Christmas picture made in these for our cards this year! Take $25 off your order of $150+ and get free shipping! Code FREE25.

Air Warriors Mutator

What could possibly be better than a dart gun? A dart gun that can blast up to one hundred feet away! Not only is the distance a HUGE factor but both of my boys are super impressed with how accurate they are with this blaster! I have a feeling my boys are going to have many show downs with this Air Warriors Mutator!

Simply Earth Subscription Box

essential oils box

I may or may not be an essential oil junkie. The healing powers in these little bottles of liquid gold is ahhhmazing! Got a cut? I’ve got an oil for that. Got a nasty cold? I’ve got an oil for that. Got the, “It’s almost Christmas and I haven’t started shopping!” stress? Yep… I’ve got an oil for that! If you haven’t tried essential oils, now is the time! Simply Earth has quality oils and they are offering a great deal for my readers! Get those toxic chemicals out of your home and replace them with products that you can make yourself for a fraction of the price! While your at it order a box for a friend – I promise, they’ll thank you for it! Make sure to use the code MYFOURANDMOREFREE at checkout.

Smitco Air Drying Modeling Clay for Kids

Calling all craft loving kiddos! With over 30 colors the creative juices are going to be flowing at this house! I love seeing what my kids create when left on their own for a bit. Unicorns with two heads, Rainbows with smiley faces, mom with four hands… the list is endless and so are the possibilities with this modeling clay from Smitco. If you have a crafter, let me know what your most memorable gift has been!

Aurorae Yoga Bags

For the yoga enthusiasts, Aurorae has got you covered. What is a yoga mat without a carrying bag? Aurorae doesn’t disappoint with their high quality yoga mats and mat cleaner so why would they stop with that?! Their Yoga bags are just as high quality! They are made to fit a yoga mat perfectly without the hassle of the mat unrolling during transport. I’ve also found yoga mats to be a great “on the go” nap mat for my daughter. Having a bag keeps the mat easy to carry and it keeps it clean!

Cracker Barrel Peppermint Sticks

What candy can say “Christmas” more than anything? Red and white peppermint sticks! There is something cozy about the Cracker Barrel Country Store. The familiar smell, the country decor, and the nostalgic candies. Our family loves eating at Cracker Barrel and almost always leave with some sort of candy or toy from the country store. My husband’s favorite are Bob’s Peppermint Sticks. If you haven’t tried them, you can pop into your local Cracker Barrel or you can purchase them online HERE.

Taffy Town 12 Days of Christmas

What could be better than The Twelve Days of Christmas? Adding taffy of course! What a great idea to celebrate the season. I think I may just use this yummy taffy to encourage my kids in their daily chores… want your taffy? Clean your room! I can see them speed cleaning now! How do you celebrate the Twelve Days of Christmas? Let me know your favorite flavor of this delicious Salt Water Taffy!

The Magic Christmas Ornament Collection

Bring Christmas magic to your home for years to come with The Magic Christmas Ornament Collection. The book inspires one to believe in the magic of Christmas. Follow along with Victoria, Joseph, and John as they gather around the fireplace to hear their father’s story about this favorite Christmas ornament. The Magic Christmas Ornament Collection provides you with your very own magic ornament to hang on your tree for the Christmas season. What magic will it bring to your home? This set will become a tradition passed on from you to your children and then you will find your children reading the book to their children!

ThinkFun Games Domino Maze

Dominos is a classic game that has been a big hit for many years. Kids, young and old, love to play the game of Dominos or even just set them all up in a line to watch them knock each other down. Now, ThinkFun Games has added a new twist to such a classic game! It isn’t just a game, it is a logic puzzle! With 60 challenge cards, players can test their reasoning skills by navigating through pivots, around blockers, and even up and downstairs! Domino Maze is a great way to challenge your critical thinking skills! Find out more about Domino Maze.

BelEssence Facial Products

Many skincare products out on the market just target the maintenance of keeping your skin looking healthy. BelEssence products work to not just repair the visual damage but they get to the root of the problem and provide your skin the nutrients needed to rebuild, regenerate, and maintain healthy skin. How do they do this? BelEssence uses a blend of natural ingredients and oils instead of using harmful chemicals. Whether you are looking to repair or prevent wrinkles, damaged skin, or sunspots, BelEssence has something for you!

Free Day Popcorn Popping Ears (6-Pack and Individual)

YUMMY! Is there anything better than nice warm popcorn to settle into your favorite movie too? What if I told you that you can have your corn all-natural? It’s true and you have Free Day Popcorn to thank! My kids love love love popcorn. That is my eldest’s go-to snack. I love the fact that I can give him his favorite snack and not add the harsh chemicals that come from the bagged corn. This will make SUPER stocking stuffers for everyone on your list.

Origamei Dress

A pocket sized dress?! Yes… that is right. Isn’t that just convenient? How many times have you gone out in jeans and a tshirt but need to slip a dress on for an evening meal? Now, you can throw your dress (all tucked neatly into a carrying case that is about the size of a wallet) in your purse, slide in a bathroom and transform from casual to dressy without anyone even noticing you bringing your little black dress inside. The Origamei Dress is perfect for those who travel and are tight on space, someone who always wants to keep a dress on hand for a night out, or someone with little closet space!

Popcorn Throw Blanket 

The Popcorn Blanket from Big Mouth, Inc. will be well received by my son. I plan to put a basket together with a few of the movies on this list and some Free Day Popcorn. Do you have someone on your list who loves to pop a bowl of popcorn and then snuggle on the couch for a good movie? The Popcorn Fleece Throw Blanket is a creative, fun, snuggly gift. Perfect for these colder days!

Three Sisters Bath & Body Boxed Gift Set

It’s that time of year. You know, the time when our skin is screaming for some extra moisture. My hands, face, and feet are always the first to let me know the cooler weather has set in. This Bath and Body set from the Soap Cauldron is giving my skin the refreshing break it’s been dying for. Grab several of these for all of the ladies in your life!

Bouncing Bingo by Winning Moves

Traditional Bingo is fun, especially if you win. Little kids can get rather bored with a plain game of Bingo. With Bouncing Bingo from Winning Moves Games, there is no such thing as boring! Bounce the ball into the Bingo platform that is full of animal pictures to find out where the next chip will go. If the ball lands on the pig, find the pig on your card and place a chip. Get a Bingo and you win the game!

Zephyr’s Kinetic Sand

Zephyr is truly going to get your creative juices flowing. The possibilities are endless! Want to play with a loose, sandy type of product? You can do that. Want to create a sculpture? Go ahead! Interested in watching it float in water? That is quite all right! How about saving your creation to paint and put on display? You can do that, too! Just stick it in the oven and watch it harden! Get creative with Zephyr Kinetic Sand!

Zoku Ultralight Stainless Steel Cup

January 1st is coming. And with that infamous day, resolutions will flood our minds. One of mine every year is to drink MORE water and improve my overall health. This Ultralight Cup from Zoku is going to help me hold firm to my commitment. It comes in a variety of colors, so get yourself one and find a partner to work out with and stuff their stocking with a cup and a promise to help each other be the best you can be.

Moosh-Moosh Slipperz

My kids (even my teen) all love Moosh Moosh products. They are unlike any stuffed animal I have ever felt before. Honest! I knew when they said that had Slipperz, we HAD to try them. My son loves anything that lives in the water… even sharks. His Moosh Moosh Slipperz feel like you are walking on a pile of Moosh-Moosh stuffed animals. Oh, the softness! They even sell adult sizes so while you are ordering for your kiddo, go ahead and thrown in a pair for yourself!  

ZizzyBee Bags

Stuff, Stuff everywhere is how I have felt lately. Fostering a newborn and having a daughter in 1st grade, a son in 7th, and another son as a junior in high school, makes our life have a lot of “stuff”. Our kids are all at different phases in life which requires a lot of organization. ZizzyBee Bags helps us eliminate some of the chaos in life! Baby’s must-have items like his nail clippers, nasal aspirator, an extra pacifier (why do they always disappear?), and a small bottle of lotion all get thrown in one ZizzyBee Bag and then into the diaper bag. We know exactly where it is at all times. The bags are washable which makes it really convenient to use when my boys use them to haul their pens and pencils for school.  

Winning Moves Rubik’s 5×5 

Wow! A 5×5 Rubik’s cube! I thought the 4×4 cube was difficult. For those who have a love for everything Rubik’s, this 5×5 is a must for the collection! The 5×5 would make a great gift for even adults. Rubik’s cubes are excellent to bring along in the car for some non-electronic fun or even work on solving while laying in bed.

People’s Choice Beef Jerky One of Everything Box 

Gotta jerky lover? I’ve got one. Very seldom do we set out for a long drive that he doesn’t have at least one bag in his stash! This box from Peoples Choice is going to keep him happy for a while. Maybe he’ll share a few pieces with his mom while he’s at it. This box will make a great gift for your jerky lover!

Sleep Mantra 100% Silk Pillowcases

Do you have or have you ever had silk pillowcases? Well, let me just say, I never have until now and the difference is incredible! 100% silk is great for your hair and looks great on the bed since they are wrinkle-free!

California Design Den 400-Thread-Count Sheet Sets 

There is just something about climbing between silky sheets on what I call a “new sheet night”. You know the day, the one that you get to wash your sheets AND shower before getting between them. Ahhh!! doesn’t happen often for this mama but when it does… ahhhh. With these sheets from California Design Den, every night can be a “new sheet night”. Super soft and comfy sheets just help you rest better! Treat yourself to a good night’s rest this busy Christmas season and get your loved ones a set while you’re at it!

California Design King Duvet Cover Set

I’m in love with this Duvet Cover from California Design. It’s calming white color and the ultra-soft fabric is the perfect addition to my new sheets from California Design! Snuggling up under a comfy warm duvet is the perfect way to spend evenings during this busy (and cold) holiday season.

RAWHYD Leather Co.

My husband wears out his wallets on a yearly basis. What about you? RAWHYD sells nice looking wallets for such an affordable price. Made from real Buffalo leather, these wallets are made to last a lifetime!!! Guess what my hubby is getting for Christmas?! RAWHYD wallets come in three different styles, Long Wallet, Money Clip, and a plain cardholder. RAWHYD Leather Co. also has a very nice Leather and Waxed Toiletry Bag. It has just the right pockets and space for all the cosmetics and toiletries needed for travel.

Scrooged Blu-Ray, DVD, and HD Digital w/ Ornament

A classic story told in an updated setting – can’t get any better than that. Watch as our beloved Bill Murray is reminded of the true meaning of Christmas by ghosts. A fun family tradition – watch at least one Christmas movie a week leading up to Christmas! Get the fuzzy socks, popcorn, hot cocoa, and of course Scrooged and settle in for some fun!

Packlite 2-in-1 Phone Charger 

There is a lot of phone chargers out there to choose from. This 2-in-1 from Packlite needs to be on your list this year! I love the fact that it does the same as a phone charger AND flashlight! What a perfect solution to the power outages that come often in the Carolinas with winter weather! This is a very affordable well thought out gift that needs to be under your tree this year!

Winning Moves Rubik’s Void 

My kids are all about anything Rubik’s. When I was younger, I could never seem to figure out how to solve just the ordinary Rubik’s cube. My boys, the harder the better. They figure out how to solve them but love the challenge of a new type of cube. I can’t wait to give the Winning Moves Rubik’s Void to them. It will bring a whole new type of challenge to their Rubik’s addiction. With a hole in the middle, players have a more unique kind of challenge!

Winning Moves KOZO 

KOZO is Japanese for “structure”. It has been a popular game in Asia that is now becoming popular in the US. Take turns (with 2-4 players) placing wooden pieces on the board game. Watch out, one wrong move and your tower will come crashing down resulting in a loss of points for that round. If you like games that can be played in a short period of time, this is a great one!

Jord Meridian Argent Wooden Watch

watch giveaway

While my husband has several watches in his collection, without a doubt his favorite is the Jord Meridian Wood Watch. It’s a real eye-catcher! With its distinctive styling and wood construction, it is unlike other watches on the market! The look of this watch is unparalleled! It features a domed sapphire crystal glass, an exposed backplate, and of course, natural hand treated zebrawood and dark sandalwood for a luxurious and timeless look! One of my favorite features is that this watch doesn’t use a battery and has a power reserve of 40 hours!

Included with the Meridian series from Jord is a collector’s edition humidor cedar box, along with a cleaning cloth and a six-month supply of Jord Preserve, to keep your watch looking fresh and brand new!

Baby Foot Products

Anyone else gets tired of dry, calluses on their feet? Baby Foot is here to help. Most products gear towards women, but Baby Foot knows that men need some help with their feet, too! They have a one-hour treatment made just for men. You know how men can be… if it doesn’t look or sound manly, pampering isn’t usually their thing. They will dig the Baby Foot for Men. While you are at it, grab one for all the teens and adults in your family. It’s a good, inexpensive way to pamper your loved one (and not have to deal with their dry, cracked feet). Baby Foot does all the work. Slide on the slipper for the time recommended and voila… softer feet will appear!

NO BS Lucky 7 Box

Do you get tired of worrying if the chemicals in your cleansers, moisturizers, toners, etc are harming your skin more than helping? Just because it is on the shelf does not mean it is truly good for your skin or that it even works! NO BS offers skincare without all the additives… and it works! Go ahead and splurge with the whole box. You will want all of their products anyways!

Seagate One Touch SSD Portable Hard Drive 

Have you ever had your computer completely croak? Been there, done that. I lost every single picture that was on that computer including all of our photos from a trip to Disney!! Never. Again. Now, I am sure to always back everything up on an external hard drive. If they are really important pictures or documents, I add them to two external hard drives, just in case. The Seagate One Touch SSD is an absolutely perfect size to take with you when you travel. Boy, I wish I had it with me several years ago while meeting Mickey! I would have never lost all those precious photos. The Seagate One Touch is super easy to use and so compact while still holding a whole terabyte of data! That’s a lot of space!!

Show Me History Books Series 

My kids love history. They do love to read but sometimes just enjoy a good picture book. The Show Me History Books Series is a comic book style way of learning about people in history. Want to know a little more about Honest Abe? What about digging deeper into the “Pioneer of the Sky”, Amelia Earhart, herself?! Bring your child back in time as they discover new interesting facts about four different men and women in history. The series currently includes books on Abraham Lincoln, Amelia Earhart, Martin Luther King Jr., and Alexander Hamilton.

Nexar Beam Dash Camera 

With so many dishonest people in America, protecting yourself is vital. During an accident, one may forget what actually happened amidst the chaos or they may misconstrue the truth to protect themselves from getting a ticket. Having a Nexar Beam Dash Cam will give the true reality of what happened. Protect yourself and even your family by installing a dashcam in your vehicle. The Nexar Beam Dash Cam is also a great gift to a new driver to give mom and dad a sense of peace when seeing how their driving is going now that they are out from under their authority.

Amazeko Pencil Sharpeners 

How cute are these pencil sharpeners?! Aside from their cuteness, they actually work AND even come with a lifetime warranty. How many pencil sharpeners come with that long of a warranty?! Amazeko stands behind their creative products to ensure the best quality for their customers. These are available in multiple themes including a couple of different ice cream trucks, a SWAT team truck, and a fire truck!

Grooming HUT Ultimate Grooming Kit

Do you realize how out of control a man’s beard can be? Proper grooming is very important for those men who like a beard! The Grooming Hut features an Ultimate Grooming Kit with everything a man would need to groom their beard properly. It comes with beard oil to developer a soft texture, beard balm to shape the beard, and scissors to trim the beard as needed. Aside from those products is an anti-detangle and static-free wooden comb as well as a 100% boar bristle wooden beard brush. For easy carrying, the Ultimate Grooming Kit also comes with a carrying case.

RAWHYD Wristlet

Every woman needs a good wristlet. A wristlet can be used individually or thrown in a purse or transferred easily into a diaper bag without the fear of leaving something important! The RAWHYD Wristlet is made from the finest Buffalo Leather and YKK zippers inside and out. It is made to stand the day in and day out wear and tear a mom would put on it. It will hold money, cards, and even a cell phone!

Illustory – Create Your Own Book!

I can not say enough about this product! Illustory saved Thanksgiving for us! We had to stay home from visiting family out of state due to illness. My daughter needed a little pick me up. I pulled out the Illustory – Create Your Own Book box and she went to town (at the age of six) writing her very own autobiography!

Kids write their own story, become their own illustrator and even get to publish their very own hard covered book… with their own rights to the book! Totally awesome and even better, it is so affordable!!!

Ghost Paper and Journals

Do you love to journal? Hate ugly blue or black lines on a page but can’t write straight without the lines? Ghost Paper is what you need. Aside from being able to buy journals at such a great price, these bound journals and even stationery packs are ink line free. Yep, they still come with lines on the page but they are virtually invisible once you write in the journal. How is that? The lines are just slightly imprinted enough to write but not enough to stand out and distract from what you wrote! I’m in love!

Aloka Color & Shine Emoji-Notes 

Ok, the Color &Shine Emoji Notes is so fun, I want one for myself! Inside the box, you will find a clear plate, a light-up stand, a remote control, and markers! Oh, we can’t forget the emojis!! Get creative with drawing some fun stuff on the clear plate or even write reminders (almost like a dry erase board but more fun!). Simply light it up the way you choose (soft light, bright light, or multicolored lights

Teddy the Dog T-Shirts 

Teddy the Dog has some hilarious products. Two of my favs are the ones printed on these shirts (which are also available on their coffee mugs). Witty comments mixed with illustrations of dogs doing human things make these T-shirts great! The t-shirt material is very durable compared to so many T-shirts similar.

Well Told Design Personalized Tumblers