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Reading Books That Teach

Education does not always have to be through stacks of worksheets and lists of instructions. Children learn quite a bit by simply reading books. Providing your child books to read that also helps them gain knowledge of the stuff around them will help broaden their minds. 

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I am sure you remember pulling out the magazines at grandma’s house full of unique images and content about people, places, and creatures from all around the world. Before the internet was a thing, National Geographic was the way you could step into what felt like another world to learn all about the people and animals in far away places like China or Australia. It was an excitement to see what would surprise us on the next cover and what goodies would be shared on the inside of each edition.

National Geographic Kids has come out with some great magazines over the years. National Geographic Magazine was first published all the way back in 1888. After many years, in 1975, they decided to create a magazine for children called National Geographic World which was later named National Geographic Kids. Since so many have loved the magazines, why not create books that can educate readers on the many animals, people, and places across this great big world. 

2020 is here with even more National Geographic Kids Books to add to your shelves. Here are a few newer titles to be on the lookout for so your kids can learn through reading books.

We Love Babies

reading books

Love + adorable baby animals = a MUST for Valentine’s Day and baby shower gift giving. This hilarious picture book with rollicking, rhyming text reads like a crowd-pleasing call, pumping up readers’ excitement for the cutest baby animals ever. Illustrated with lively National Geographic photography, We Love Babies! presents furred, feathered, and finned baby animals of all shapes and sizes, celebrating their glorious diversity, from “paws and claws and little flippers” to “feet that look like fuzzy slippers!”. Whimsical cartoon cheerleaders add to the fun, popping up throughout the book to lead fans in the irresistible refrain: “We love babies, yes we do, we love babies, how about you?”

Turn It Up

ROCK ON! The high notes and biggest moments in music history are covered in this big, bright, hardcover — from Bach to the Beatles to Beyonce, and beyond. Many major music genres are playfully explained, from tribal, classical, jazz, folk, opera, rock … all the way to today’s modern forms, such as k-pop, hip-hop, and rap. Instruments and sounds are explored, along with places and events in history that inspired the evolution of music. Kids will also get a sense of music theory, instrumentation, and the artistry of distinctive musical styles. Song recommendations help readers open their ears to what they’ve learned and a rockin’ glossary of musical terms as well as a timeline that plots each genre on its path from ancient history to today make this book one that is bound to top the charts.

1000 Facts About Dinosaurs, Fossils, and Prehistoric Life

T. rex, triceratops, pterosaurs, saber-toothed cats! This eye-catching, comprehensive, and “browsable” title is jam-packed with 1,000 fascinating facts about what these prehistoric creatures looked like, how they lived, and the evidence they left behind. Uncover amazing fossil facts about the first four-legged creatures; find out what it’s like to be on a dinosaur dig; and marvel at some of the fiercest, most fascinating claws and teeth. Learn how dinosaurs and birds are connected, find out the biggest prehistoric mysteries that scientists are still trying to crack, and sink your teeth into some seriously supersize dino stats.

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