Bill of Rights Explained to Children In Their Language

America is a special place. While it certainly has areas it can improve in, the blessings it has secured for its citizens are unlike any other nation in the world. These freedoms have been by the sacrifice of many brave men and women throughout our nation’s history. The places that we can bring our kids to see that history revealed are all around us – from a local battlefield to The Liberty Bell, but seeing history isn’t the full picture – reading more into our history can bring a level of understanding in a way that our kids need.

bill of rights

One of the things that have made America great is the rights that we enjoy here. While many today declare that they have rights, or that they even know their rights, oftentimes that is not true. Thanks to the foresight of our founding fathers, the Bill of Rights grants certain freedoms to each American citizen. It is something that not only we should know as adults but also desire to teach our children so that they can assure these rights are protected and passed onto future generations.

bill of rights

In his book, I Know My Rights: A Children’s Guide to the Bill of Rights and Individual Liberty, author Rory Margraf provides an excellent tool to educate your children and me concerning their rights. This well-written book focuses primarily on the first ten amendments since they are the most referenced and probably the most important as well. You can download it to your Kindle for just $5. $5 that is going to invest in the future of your child… WIN!

bill of rights

Each amendment is stated clearly then explained and demonstrated with a practical example in children can understand. In a day of often overcharged politics and political ideas and preferences, it has become the norm for most books dealing with these types of topics to see and even expect a strong slant or persuasive argument based on the political association of the writer. Rory Margraf does an outstanding job of leaving his views out of the book and clearly stating explaining and illustrating the first 10 amendments. Another thing that I appreciate is that in the back of the book you can find the entire context of all 27 amendments as well as a glossary to help define some of the terms found in the book.

bill of rights

As a parent who loves America and wants to pass on its blessings to the next generation, I am so thankful our family found this book. It is a great tool to help talk and educate your children in a way I am sure they will understand. You will be glad you did! You can find the book HERE!

bill of rights

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20 Replies to “Bill of Rights Explained Simply to Children”

  1. This sound like a great book for kids to read. Knowing what your rights are is very important. This is a wonderful way to introduce your kids to the law.

  2. This is amazing! Children need to learn about this early in life. I know several adults that know nothing about the Bill of Rights.

  3. What a really cool book to have for the kids to learn with. Actually I know some parents who could use a refresher course.

  4. My son is studying this now so I cant wait to show him this book to help him with his studies.

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