Teacher Christmas Gift Ideas

Teacher Christmas Gift Ideas

Teachers do so much to help us in raising our children. They do far more than teach just acedemics to our kids. They teach them life skills, how to get along with other children, and so much more! Make sure you say, “Thank you!” this Christmas!

Teacher Christmas

Grooming HUT Ultimate Grooming Kit

Do you realize how out of control a man’s beard can be? Proper grooming is very important for those men who like a beard! The Grooming Hut features an Ultimate Grooming Kit with everything a man would need to groom their beard properly. It comes with beard oil to developer a soft texture, beard balm to shape the beard, and scissors to trim the beard as needed. Aside from those products is an anti-detangle and static-free wooden comb as well as a 100% boar bristle wooden beard brush. For easy carrying, the Ultimate Grooming Kit also comes with a carrying case. This would make a great gift for a male teacher!

Design A Tea


Calling all tea lovers! There’s something special about a piping hot cup of tea on a blistery winter day. Sitting by the Christmas tree with music softly in the background… ahhhh. This doesn’t happen often at my house but when it does it’s pure bliss. Give your favorite teacher the gift of serenity with this cute treasure chest of tea!

Bug Bite Thing

teacher christmas gifts

You never know when a child (or yourself) may get stung or bit by something out on the playground or the soccer field. The Bug Bite Thing is small enough to carry in your pocket yet mighty enough to suction insect venom/saliva from a bite. All you have to do is place it over a new bite and squeeze the tool. It will create a suction to pull the venom/saliva out from the bite. Ointments and creams only treat the symptoms of a bug bite. The Bug Bite Thing will treat the actual cause… not just the symptoms.

Just Movie Posters.com

Want to give your child’s teacher a gift that has a two fold purpose? Order them a movie poster from Just Movie Posters.com. This will allow your child to have a fun gift to give their teacher this Christmas but it will also add some character to their classroom! With a large variety of movie posters, Just Movie Poster.com has a poster of all your favorite movies!

America’s Top Dog Model Calendar 

Do one of your child’s teachers have a special love for their furry, four legged friend? Everyone will need a new wall calendar for 2020. How about the “America’s Top Dog Model Calendar”? This calendar is full of adorable photos of dogs dressed their best. Some of the pictures will give you a giggle while others will make you say “awe”. Kick in 2020 with some organization and cuteness overload!

Succulents Box

Kid’s can be pretty high maintenance. Teacher’s don’t need anything that is going to take a lot of work as far as decor in the classroom. Having live plants in a room is a healthy decoration! Succulents are such low maintenance plants that a teacher can decorate their entire classroom and not have to spend a lot of time on them (yet still reap the benefits to having living plants in the room)! The Succulents Box offers a low price subscription service to give teachers a gift for the last half of the school year rather than all at Christmas! They will love gaining a new collection every month to add to the room! Be sure to use the code LOVEPLANTS so you can score 15% off!

Freak Flag Organics

Teachers get plenty of candy and junk food around the holidays from other students as well as from attending Christmas parties. Why not give them a gift that they can savor… that is HEALTHY for them? Freak Flag Organics offers a very tasty sauces that they can use as toppings on their food or even as a marinade. The sky is the limit and, boy, is it bursting with some awesome flavor!  

Moroccan Magic Organic Lip Balm

Who doesn’t need a good lip balm during the winter?! You can buy the five pack of the Moroccan Magic Organic Lip Balm and give it to your child’s teacher inside the cute sack it comes in. OR, you can buy the five pack and split it among the different teachers and add it to a creative handmade card if you have a lot of teachers to buy for. These may be considered a smaller gift but mighty in how it works! Winner for teacher while gentle on the pocketbook!


A teacher’s desk can get rather cluttered between all the school work, books, and school supplies that typically mound on their desk. It is time for recess and yet their sunglasses are no where to be found! That can be a problem. Not being able to see the kids well on the playground from the bright sunlight and going in the sun without sunglasses will typically cause a bad headache. ReadiSpeks are very small holders for sunglasses and any other glasses. I have two right beside my door so I can know at all times where my sunglasses are! These make awesome, inexpensive gifts!

Truck Got Stuck  

Supplying your teachers with great resources for their classroom can actually mean a lot to a teacher, even if it is given as a gift. Most teachers are responsible for supplying their own school supplies, decorations, and even reading books. Check out this adorable book, Truck Got Stuck by Jenny Lee Learn helps children learn colors all while following along with a fun filled story.

These are some ideas for a Teacher’s gift but you can also check out my Christmas Gift Guide for Men and Women to find more great gift giving ideas!

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