Best Things to Do in Tasmania for Unforgettable Family Holiday

Best Things to Do in Tasmania for Unforgettable Family Holiday

As you already know, traveling with children can be challenging. That is why parents try really hard to come up with destinations that will keep everyone satisfied. Without a doubt, Tasmania is one of those places perfect to have an unforgettable family holiday.


This part of Australia may be small but it offers stunning landscapes and myriad of adventures. It’s no wonder Tasmania is one of the most popular destinations. However, traveling with kids falls under a special category so here are the best things to do that is fun for the whole family.

Take a dip in the Bay of Fires

Children love to marvel at colorful things and Bay of Fires will certainly make them excited. This area got its name from the orange-hued granite which looks amazing paired up with clear blue waters and pearly beaches. Besides swimming, Bay of Fires is an ideal spot for camping, boating, and surfing.


However, marine life here is diverse as well and so snorkeling will probably interest your kids the most. Binalong Bay is a small town here that offers amazing lagoons to all those who want to explore fish and other sea creatures.

Meet the Inhabitants of Trowunna Wildlife Park

Trowunna Wildlife Park is a location which offers shelter to the injured or sick animals. The staff takes care of them and releases back into the wild those that have recovered. However, some can’t go back so they found a permanent home in the park.


You and your kids will have a unique opportunity to hand feed kangaroos and wallabies. The food is sold at the park so it’s completely safe for the animals. The rangers will give you a tour of the park and help you understand more about the troubles of wildlife in Tasmania.

Take a ride on Spirit of Tasmania

Spirit of Tasmania is an iconic boat ride from Melbourne to Tasmania’s Devonport. The boat leaves twice a day during the warmer season and daily otherwise. This is a very scenic way to enjoy the gorgeous landscapes and spend quality family time together.


The ship has a café, comfortable recliners and offers Tasmanian food in the restaurant at affordable prices. The trip takes 9 to 11 hours, so you will find a lot of activities on board form cinema, pinball machines, and racing games. You can travel overnight as well, by booking a cabin which is an excellent way to travel to Tasmania.

Spend some time in Stanley

If you want to stay somewhere in Tasmania, visit Stanley a small town in the North. It’s perfect for families and more peaceful than Tasmania’s capital Hobart. You can walk around the town and observe the old architecture, but also visit The Nut an ancient volcanic plug.


Stanley is located at its base so you can climb on foot or use chairlift which will give you some incredible view of the area. This small town is also a home of the sea seals, penguins, and other wildlife. While there, go to see Tarkine a Gondwanan rainforest with a cool temperature and numerous Aboriginal sites.

Take a walk on the Cradle Mountain

Tasmania is full of unique wildlife, fauna and breathtaking landscapes that even kids will want to go on a walk. Sign up for Cradle Mountain walks located in the Central Highlands of Tasmania and in the Cradle Mountain-Lake St Clair National Park. This area is famous for walking trails and is the home of the popular Overland Track as well as 11 endemic species of birds.


Alpine vegetation in the park is diverse but the most interesting feature are fungi, which regulate park’s ecosystem. Tasmanian devils, wombats, platypuses, and other animals famous Australian live on or around the Cradle Mountains, and you might encounter some of them during the walk. Kids will certainly love a chance to see some of these magnificent animals in person.

Enjoy the scents of Bridestowe Lavender Estate

From December to February, the most popular place to visit in Tasmania is Bridestowe Lavender Estate. During that period the gorgeous purple flowers engulf the whole area and make you believe that you are in Provence, France. The whole experience is even more dramatic with the mountainous landscape surrounding the area which your children won’t forget.


There is a variety of lavender inspired food to try here, especially the ice cream in this familiar purple color. The Estate sells popular lavender bear known as Bobbie, which is a perfect snuggly item to get for your kids. And it will also have a heat pack version that will keep them warm during winter.

All in all

When you are planning your family vacation, put Tasmania on the list as well. This Australian region will give you an unforgettable family holiday and have you back for more.

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