Tips for Planning a Great Family Vacation

Tips for Planning a Great Family Vacation

Planning a great vacation is one of the most fun tasks you will ever undertake. Vacations are a time to have fun, relax and enjoy yourself. Sometimes, vacations can even be learning experiences. The best vacations involve both learning experiences and relaxation. There are still a few issues that you may run into when you are planning your vacation, but as long as you can overcome any issues that may arise, you will have a truly wonderful vacation.

Heading out last year on a family vacation

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Why is Time Away SO Needed for Couples?

Taking Some Time Away for a Happy Marriage

Life is crazy enough as it is but then add children and life picks up tremendously. It is SO easy to get distracted with life that you lose sight of what your true main focus should be. No one grows up saying they can’t wait to get married to have a miserable marriage. No one grows up with the idea that they want a house full of wild, rebellious children. Yet, so often that is what happens. In my almost 18 years of marriage, I have found that when life gets cluttered with a super busy lifestyle, your focus gets off of the important things. That leads to a mundane marriage or even an unhappy marriage. The children become out of control from the combination of a lack of communication between parents and decreased attention given to the children. So, what is the solution when life seems to be too busy?! Time away!

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5 Things to Consider Before Family Camping Trip

Five Things to Consider Before Family Camping Trip

Taking your family on a camping trip is a great adventure but it is also a great responsibility. Namely, apart from having a great time, you are responsible for everyone’s safety. Now, one of the greatest misconceptions about safety is the idea that it mostly depends on the decisions you make on the road. Keeping a low speed while driving, being well rested and avoiding potentially hazardous situations are important but 90 percent of the on-road safety accounts to being well-prepared. With this in mind and in order to ensure that everything is in best order on your family camping trip, here are five mandatory preparation tips.

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