How To Help Teens Improve Their Self Esteem

How To Help Teens Improve Their Self Esteem

Some kids seem to always be secure and confident, while others seem to lack the self-esteem that is so important for healthy development, risk-taking, and achievement. Why? Lots of factors, such as upbringing, life experiences, how they think about themselves, and how they explain life events to themselves, contribute to self-esteem. But even if it doesn’t seem to come naturally, self-esteem can be learned and improved with some simple strategies.

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Whitening Teen’s Teeth Brings a Smile to Their Face (Giveaway Going on Now)

The Importance of Allowing Your Teen to Use a Teeth Whitening System

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How many times do we have to tell our kids… BRUSH. YOUR. TEETH?! Typically, this is a pretty common complaint among parents of children. It seems like a daily battle. They just don’t understand the reasoning behind why it is so important to brush twice a day. Thankfully, my teen now cares about his teeth. The yellow stained teeth needed a little work to help his complex. Smile Brilliant brought a smile back to his face. 

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7 Life Skills High Schoolers Need to Build Before College

7 Life Skills High Schoolers Need to Build Before College

life skills

They’ve enrolled into college, what’s next? You probably think that the only thing a high schooler needs to do before college is maintain his studying routine and do his best while there. However, there are also several skills they need to build in order not to have any difficulties while there. Some are directly linked to college, while others are mostly connected to the adult life. Let’s not forget – college is not only about education. It’s about learning how to live without parents, how to take care of yourself and become a responsible adult. Here are the seven most important skills any high schooler has to build before college: Continue reading

Drinking and Driving: Keep Your Teens Safe

drinking and driving

Sadly, most traffic deaths happen during the holiday season between Thanksgiving and the New Year, usually between 6 p.m. to 6 a.m. Many of these involve 15- to 20-year-olds and are alcohol-related. In fact, out of all individuals involved in drunk-driving accidents, this teen group has the highest blood alcohol levels. With the holidays fast approaching and tragic traffic stories already in the news, it is a perfect time for parents to remind their children and teens about the dangers of alcohol use. Continue reading

HealTop All Natural Skincare Products for Teens

HealTop Provides Natural Skincare Products

Teenagers nowadays have a whole lot of pressure on them to look their best and play the part of a “cool teen”. One thing that is sure to embarrass a teenager, are those big nasty bumps that stand out on the face… pimples. Acne is almost inevitable due to all of the hormonal changes teenagers face. Finding the right skincare product is important BEFORE the acne starts.

Skincare Products

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