Little Girls Love Their Baby Dolls

Little Girls Love Their Baby Dolls

Nearly every little girl loves playing with dolls. Baby dolls have been found in archeological sites of the ancient civilizations of Egypt, Greece and Rome, so a girl’s love of her doll is nothing new. Early dolls were crudely made from whatever materials they had available. Materials like stone, clay, wood, leather, and even bone. These days, they are most often made of plastic or cloth. Modern dolls are often accompanied by realistic accessories that help little girls in their quest to play “Mommy” to their baby dolls.

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Bentley Convertible Stroller Tricycle Encourages Parent Child Exercise

 Bentley Stroller Tricycle Allows Toddlers to Exercise and Ride in Style

Do we take the stroller or do we let our daughter get her energy out? That was a question we weighed almost anytime we would go somewhere that we knew would require a lot of walking. The idea of allowing our daughter to get the exercise from walking was a huge perk of NOT taking a stroller but it was not very practical most of the time to not take one. Her little legs would get tired and we would wind up carrying her. The Bentley 6 in 1 Stroller Tricycle is the ultimate stroller for every parent. A stroller that promotes exercise!! A total MUST HAVE this Christmas!

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