Absolute Best Snow Cream Recipe!

Snow Cream Recipe You Must Try!

Here in North Carolina, snow has been falling all day today. It is like a winter wonderland here with over EIGHT inches of fluffy white snow. I am originally from the suburbs of Chicago. Snow was pretty common for me growing up but when we moved to North Carolina, snow was few and far between. This winter, we have already had three good snow falls here! That is far more than a normal winter. 

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Wet Winter Gloves Now Dry Easy

A Solution for Wet Winter Gloves 

Piles of wet clothes, hats, scarfs, winter gloves and jackets dumped at the front door, shoes covered in a slushie mess kicked nearby, and freezing little bodies running to climb under the blankets to warm up… does this sound familiar? If you are a parent living in areas that get snow at least once a winter, you feel my pain here. 

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