Bedtime Stress Busters for Kids

Bedtime Stress Busters for Kids

Children as young as three years old experience stress of varying degrees. Regardless of the cause of stress, it is a very real experience for kids and it quite often feels most overwhelming at bedtime. To help kids relax and hopefully guarantee a good night’s sleep try some of these tips.

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Sometimes You Just Need a Hug – Sleep Zzz Pillow

Need a Hug?

Do you ever climb into bed or lay on the couch and just have the deep desire for a hug? Sometimes, people are too busy or it may be late at night so everyone is asleep. A hug isn’t ALWAYS readily available by even those who you know would hug you in a heartbeat if they could. My son and I had a very interesting conversation today.

need a hug

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Sleep ANYWHERE With Janiebee Nap Mats

 Toddler Can Sleep Anywhere with Janiebee Nap Mats


A little over a year ago, I was introduced to Janiebee Nap Mats for the very first time. Some products I could “take it or leave it” but Janiebee Nap Mats is one of the companies that I couldn’t.. or should I say… my daughter couldn’t live without! My daughter can sleep anywhere with her Janiebee Nap Mat. We have loved it so much that I had to get one for my niece!

sleep anywhere

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