A Beginner’s Guide to Taking an RV Trip With Kids

A Beginner’s Guide to Taking an RV Trip With Kids

There are many ways to travel, but opting for an RV can bring you something no other way of transportation can – a true bonding experience. No matter how old your kids are, there are different activities you can all participate in and the ride itself can actually end up being fun. Whether you’ve done this before or this is your first time preparing for this kind of vacation, there are some simple rules you need to follow to make the most out of your trip. Be prepared for a whole new adventure and make sure you all enjoy this family vacation.

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Carowinds Camp Wilderness – Stay AT Carowinds

Perks to Staying at Carowinds Camp Wilderness

Living two hours away from Carowinds has spoiled us over the years. My husband and I both had the opportunity to come for the day with our youth groups and friends as teenagers. Now, we come for the day to have fun with our own children! In all the years past, we really missed it! We missed the chance to make Carowinds more than just a day trip. Have you ever thought of STAYING at Carowinds? Now you can at Carowinds Camp Wilderness!

Carowinds Camp Wilderness

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