Preparing for a Newborn Photo Session

Preparing for a Newborn Photo Session

One little secret that most people don’t know about me… I was a photographer for about eight years. I still enjoy taking photos but I no longer do it as a job. Newborn photography was one of my favorite parts of photography yet it was also one of my least favorites at the same time. Hold tight and let me explain. I am about to give you the scoop on some tips you need to know before you even have your baby. You can thank me later when you are holding priceless photos of your newborn! 🙂

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Pinterest Perfect

The Dangers of Everything Needing to Be Pinterest Perfect

Pinterest has revolutionized weddings, birthday parties, and even just house decor. When I got married, there was no such thing as Pinterest. Magazines were all I had to go on. Even though it was hard to come up with creative ideas, the stress of having the “Pinterest Perfect” look was not a stressor.

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