What Do All Foster Babies Need?

Security for Foster Babies

Taking in foster babies can be a difficult transition for both foster parent and baby. It is extremely important to understand what kind of homes these babies have come from and what you need to be sure to address, both medically and emotionally, based on their specific situation. One thing that ALL foster babies need is to feel secure and loved.

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Becoming the Best Parent

Becoming the Best Parent

Wow! You have just become a parent. Now, what do you do? How do you interact with this new little miracle you hold in your arms? Will you know when to feed him/her? How will you know what the different cries mean? Of all the things we do in our lives, most come with an instruction manual. However, children don’t.

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Picking the Perfect “Take Me Home” Baby Outfit

Feltman Brothers “Take Me Home” Baby Outfit

Bringing a sweet, snuggly baby home from the hospital is a dream! One thing that most moms plan in detail, is finding the right coming home outfit. Finding that perfect outfit that is simply adorable for the many photos taken when leaving the hospital and first arriving at home for the very first time is so important. Making sure that the outfit looks perfect and fits comfortably can be difficult. Feltman Brothers offer an array of “take me home” outfits that are picture perfect while still being perfectly soft for your newborn! An added bonus is that they offer matching blankets and hats!

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