Benefits of Collagen – Adding Collagen to Your Diet

Benefits of Adding Collagen to Your Diet

When a person thinks of collagen, the first things that may come to mind are collagen injections. The debate continues on that topic as do those regarding adding collagen to the diet. Collagen is a natural substance that is important to the human body. One-third of the protein in the body is collagen as are three-quarters of the skin. This substance is what keeps the skin from appearing wrinkled.

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Nothing Wrong With Being a Girly Girl

Girly Girl in the Making

Sometimes, I feel like electronics and busy schedules keep kids from being kids. I want my girl to experience all the same girly girl things that I had the opportunity to enjoy as a child. I want her to make her own memories but I want her to have memories that she can look back and think, “I had such a fun childhood!”. What comes to mind from your childhood?

girly girl

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Why and How to Provide Collagen for Your Body

Provide Collagen – Your Body Needs It 

We all want our hair, skin, and nails to look good. Using product to cover up the flaws doesn’t get to the root of the problem. Collagen is a key player in making sure that INTERNALLY your body is producing healthy looking hair, skin, and nails. Although, that is not ALL collagen is good for. 

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Enjoy Home Pedicure and Manicures – Vanity Planet

Convenience of A Home Pedicure and Manicure 

Who loves a good manicure and pedicure?! I hear people say all the time how much they love them but either doesn’t have the time or they do not have the money to go to the salon for a mani or a pedicure. For me, both of those are my excuse.


What if you could enjoy a pedicure without having to leave your home? That’s right, and IN HOME PEDICURE! You could do a pedicure at 10 pm if you wanted to! That seems to be my only time that I can fit one in but I do not think the technician at the salon would appreciate me making an appointment for 10 pm. Vanity Planet has some really neat products to make a home pedicure possible!

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