Everything You Need To Know About Diastasis Recti

Everything You Need To Know About Diastasis Recti

You may not even realize that you suffer from this health condition. A large percentage of women who have recently delivered a baby or are currently pregnant suffer from diastasis recti. This is a condition that causes your abdominal walls to pull away from each other. In this article, we will take a look at some of the consequences of suffering from this condition as well as what you can do to restore your abdominal muscles. If you are looking for more tips for leading a healthy life, you should head over to consumeradvisors.org.

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Breast Cancer – Why I Choose To Fight!

On a Mission to Fight Breast Cancer

Written by Jen Hunt

Breast Cancer

Eight years ago, I arrived at my mom’s house for some reason or another. She wasn’t home, but her boyfriend was. I causally asked what they had planned for the weekend, and he said, “We’re probably going to lay low. Your mom is stressed about the results of her breast MRI.” Come again? What breast MRI? The woman who was closest to me hadn’t said a word. He explained that there was a lump that WAS NOT DETECTED by mammogram, so they had done an MRI. (Side note: her mammogram nine months before was normal). Continue reading