My Beauty Spot Pampers Your Skin

My Beauty Spot Leaves Skin Soft and Rejuvenated

We often do not realize just how tough we are on our skin. Sun, makeup, and even showers can leave your skin dried out. Do you know what happens with dry skin?! It eventually wrinkles!!! Agh. No one likes wrinkles but no one wants to stink, stay inside all the time, and never wear makeup. So, what do you do about it!? You protect it the best you can, hydrate your skin, and enjoy life! My Beauty Spot products allow you to do just that.

Beauty Spot

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Tuscan Hills Beauty Products Make Great Gifts

Tuscan Hills Products Mixed With Their Packaging Makes for GREAT Gifts

There have been many times where it seems like every time I turn around, I am needing to buy a gift for someone back to back. When you are on a budget, trying to buy something nice for a friend or family member while still having the money to pay your electric bill can be a challenge. Tuscan Hills products make great gifts but they are also packaged so nicely that they add a nice touch when gift giving!

Tuscan Hills

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LipSense – The Lipstick That Doesn’t Fade #Review

The Lipstick that makes sense… LipSense! 

I HAVE to share this product with you all! LipSense is absolutely AMAZING! 

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