Love Dare ~ Day 3

Written by April Stephens

How are you doing so far?   This is making me be more aware of my spouse for sure!   For Day 2, my unexpected gesture was taking the trash to the dump.  I know my husband doesn’t like going to the dump – who does?!  Anyway, that was my act of kindness.  What did you do?

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Love Dare ~ Day 1

Written by April Stephens

My brother-in-law bought the Love Dare cards for my husband one year for Christmas.  They have honestly sat in the closet for several years.  I recently pulled them out and was looking through them.  I realized how much they can benefit a marriage.  I want to challenge you to take the Love Dare along with me.  Even if you have the best marriage ever, doing these simple acts of kindness can make it even sweeter. 🙂


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