Using Nature to Calm and Rejuvenate Skin and Hair – Liquid GOLD!

 Rejuvenate Skin and Hair with Monat’s Rejuveniqe Oil Intensive

Day in and day out, your hair and skin take a beating. Most items you buy in the store last for a few years and often come with warranties. If it doesn’t have a warranty, it gets thrown in the trash and replaced with something new when it wears down. Our bodies don’t come with warranties and we can’t just throw it away because it becomes weak and frail. Taking the best care of what we have is vital. Aside from the internal care we need to provide through healthy eating and exercise, our skin and hair need extra loving to make it through years of use! 

Rejuvenate Skin

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Why Quality Hair Care Products for Children?

 Be Proactive with Quality Hair Care Products for Children

Women in their 30’s, 40’s, and 50’s tend to begin to realize how important hair care really is. Not that it isn’t a thought before then but during pregnancy and other hormonal changes, most women begin to focus in on hair and skin care. Unfortunately, most of us are working on finding ways to REVERSE damage that has already been done to our hair from improper use. How important is it to care for your daughter’s hair the same way you care for your own?

hair care products for children

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AQUIS Luxe Hair Towels Dry Your Hair Faster

Luxe Hair Towels Cut Drying Time In Half

I dread having to wash and dry my hair… not really the washing and fixing part, mostly just the drying! I have long thick hair, so normally I let my hair air dry. Also, I use so much heat from either my curling iron or straightener that I feel guilty using, even more, heat, I’ll skip using my hair drier and, well, that creates a bad hair day! As you can see, doing my hair has never been something I enjoy doing… that was until I was introduced to Aquis Luxe Hair towels. 

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Why and How to Provide Collagen for Your Body

Provide Collagen – Your Body Needs It 

We all want our hair, skin, and nails to look good. Using product to cover up the flaws doesn’t get to the root of the problem. Collagen is a key player in making sure that INTERNALLY your body is producing healthy looking hair, skin, and nails. Although, that is not ALL collagen is good for. 

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ZOTOS 180PRO Hair Care Valentine’s Day Gift Set #Giveaway Ends 2/3


Jan 26- Feb 3, 2016
Open  to Worldwide

This Valentines Day give yourself the gift of perfectly healthy hair with ZOTOS hair care products! The new products in the 180PRO series is perfect for bringing dull hair back to life, and keeping it shiny, fresh, and full of volume! Speaking of volume, let me tell you about my favorite product in the ZOTOS 180PRO collection. It’s called TEASEless and you are going to love it!






 ZOTOS 180PRO Valentine’s Day Gift Set


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ZOTOS 180PRO TEASEless, NEW Product


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