Picturesque BBQ Garden

Picturesque garden oozing with the hypnotizing smell of BBQ. 

Let’s call it a BBQ-esque garden. 

Summer is that time where you enjoy with all of your senses. Warm rays of the sun on your skin, kids playing, and the smell of BBQ lingering around you. We simply can’t imagine summertime without adding BBQ to the mix. This entire season is devoted to purebred hedonism.

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Activities With A Fairy Garden

How to Enjoy Your Fairy Garden

Who hasn’t dreamed of secret worlds, magical beings that come alive in the forests, and believed that fairy tales were real? I know that I did! I was convinced, thanks to my aunt, that little people lived inside the walls of my grandparents’ house. I would secretly take a few home with me whenever I would visit. In my mind, even though I couldn’t see these magical beings, they were very real to me. I would spend time making secret beds for them, and I believe that I even left them crumbs a few times when I thought that they were hungry.

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Ready to Develop Your Green Thumb? 4 Projects to Help Your Garden Thrive

Ready to Develop Your Green Thumb? 4 Projects to Help Your Garden Thrive

If your green thumb could use a little help, then there are some simple projects that you can easily complete to help your garden thrive. After completing these projects, you will soon be the envy of the neighborhood for the fresh produce and flowers that you can grow. Here are some ideas that you may want to think about completing.


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How Growing an Organic Garden Can Help your Health & Budget

Growing an Organic GardenWhen it comes to great money-saving ideas, growing an organic garden is definitely amongst the top-tier ones. Reasons behind this are quite simple. First, you get to make a reliable saving each year. Second, you get the reassurance of knowing the origin of food you are serving to your family. Third, and final, you get the full satisfaction of producing your own food, therefore making your household, at least partially, self-sustainable. Here are a few tips that might come in handy, should you ever decide to engage in such a project. Continue reading