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Single Player Football Allows Children to Be Active Regardless If They Have a Playmate

Active bodies create healthier children. Sending your child outdoors to be active helps more than just your sanity as a parent. Exercise reduces stress in children, keeps the heart healthy, and even helps a child’s mind and behaviors. Your children, just like mine, sit at a desk for hours on end every day at school. When they get home from school, outdoor play is a must to release all the built up energy from the day. 

Single Player Football

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NFL Controversy – Thoughts From a Veteran

NFL Controversy – More Than Politics

As I have seen more and more on the news, on Facebook accounts, and tweets about the NFL and the controversy between standing with their hand over their heart and boycotting the anthem, I have been interested in the opinion of those who have served our country. I asked around and this was what I got from one of America’s heroes! I have never been a fan of talking politics or even football but this is far more than just those topics. This is the topic of respect or the lack there of for all those men and women who have given their lives to make the flag something to be respected!! Some have even made the ultimate sacrifice for what?!?! For America, for freedom, for us to take pride in the flag that stands for both America AND freedom!

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