What’s Hidden Behind Facebook

Real Life Behind the Facebook Posts

Joining facebook years ago took a little encouragement from friends and family. I was not too big on the social media kick but I gave in. Shortly after being on facebook, I started enjoying the fact that I could share pictures and see pictures of friends and family from all over the world. However, I wish I had learned much sooner how serious of an epidemic facebook and other social media would eventually create. 

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Fire Will Make You Stronger or Break Down

Are You Letting the Fire Make or Break You?

Which Do YOU Choose?

Did you know that putting objects in the fire such as steel, pottery, and gold (as well as other metals) actually strengthens them? By putting them in the fire and heated at extremely high temperatures then cooling the object down strengthens them to their max. Although stuff like paper and wood will break down to just ashes in high heat! HIGH HEAT can build something stronger or break it down to NOTHING. 

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Darkest Day of Depression – At My Lowest of Lows

My Darkest Day of Depression

I have been pretty open about the fact that I have battled depression and anxiety. If you have followed along on my blog, you know it got dark but you probably don’t know HOW dark. It has been five years and I am now mentally ready to share a little more in-depth about the battle I faced. It is not a pleasant experience to talk about but I find people need to hear that others have gone through it and made it through.


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Fighting Depression Naturally with Diet and Exercise

Fighting Depression Naturally with Diet and Exercise

How you can reduce the symptoms of depression with a carefully constructed diet and exercise program.

Twenty percent of Americans suffer from depression each year and of that number six percent will suffer a Major Depressive Disorder. That is one-fifth of the population suffering this crippling disease and at least ten of that twenty percent will no doubt suffer in silence. As our day to day lives become more and more crammed with responsibilities both at work and at home, that number is only going to increase. So, is there something we can do now to prevent depression and anxiety from taking over our lives? The answer is yes and it can be found in the food we eat every day.

Fighting Depression

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Have Elderly Relatives? 4 Things They Need to Stay in Good Mental Health

Have Elderly Relatives? 4 Things They Need to Stay in Good Mental Health

About 16 percent of Americans over the age of 65 are clinically depressed. Signs of clinical depression often include a shortage of energy, inability to sleep, incapacity to concentrate and a lack of appetite. If you think an elderly relative is suffering from poor mental health, then here are some things you may want to consider doing to help.

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