A Simple Cleaning Plan For Busy Families

A Simple Cleaning Plan For Busy Families

When people think of cleaning their home, they often visualize scrubbing away for hours and hours. Cleaning can be accomplished in much less time. By following this simple plan, families can keep their homes clutter- and dirt-free.

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Best Way to Care for a Wooden Cutting Board

How to Properly Care for a Wooden Cutting Board

Beautiful cutting boards like the Oval Maple Edge Grain Board with Stainless Steel Handles designed by John Boos aren’t just your typical run of the mill cutting boards. John Boos wooden cutting boards look amazing hanging in your kitchen – on display to show off the beauty of each design. Whether you use your cutting board to cut up vegetables, meat, serve cheese and crackers, or use it to slice bread, it is vital to ensure that it is cleaned well and waxed to preserve it for years to come.

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How to Clean DVDs and CDs Easily in Minutes

 Clean DVDs Without a Problem

Do you have DVDs that are not put back in the proper case? Then because they are left outside the case, sticky, little fingerprints wind up all over them making them stick to other DVDs and unable to play in the DVD player? ME, TOO! It aggravates the snot out of me but seems to be a pretty common experience most parents encounter. I have the perfect solution on how to easily clean DVDs. It may not prevent the dirt but it will take it away!

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