Generating Leads for Small Businesses

Generating Leads for Small Businesses

It is difficult to start a new business. Did you know that only half of the new small home businesses will remain in operation for more than five years? One in twelve will close each year. There are many reasons as to why businesses close each year. Some are for personal reasons, others are because they just did not make it. Let’s take a look at some reasons that small businesses have a difficult time turning into a profitable, larger business.

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Standing Out With Exceptional Customer Service

 Customer Service – Setting Yourself Apart in an Ever-Crowded Business Atmosphere

We are not shopping in our grandmother’s world anymore. Sure, 40 years ago many purchases were made as much on who you knew or simply what was available in your area as it was the price of the item itself. It’s just not that way anymore. In a moments notice with a quick search online from our computer or even our ever-present phones, we can see prices from not only our local area but even across the country and around the world!

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