What’s Missing in America?

What’s Missing in America?

by Josh Smith

Can we just be honest? America is in trouble. America is divided. America is looking for answers. There are so many people from varied backgrounds, races, incomes, religions, and political views that understand we have a problem yet as I have listened, the solutions offered are extremely varied. Whether we want to admit it or not, many of our best thought up solutions come directly from our viewpoint.

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Stunning Performance at Sight & Sound Theatre in Lancaster

Sight & Sound Theatre Presents a Jaw-Dropping Performance

As a Christian believer, there is nothing more central to my faith than Jesus Christ. Even as a small child I was taught about Him and read about Him and the many things that He said and did while on Earth. Whether it was from my parents, a Sunday School lesson, or my pastor, I had heard about and was familiar with the life of Christ.

Sight and Sound Theatre

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Sight and Sound Theatre Brings Bible to Life

Drama, Singing, and Bible Stories Combined at Sight and Sound Theatre in Branson, MO

On our recent trip to Branson, we begin seeing various billboards for a show entitled Moses presented at the Sight and Sound Theatre. Since my husband is a youth pastor, his interest was immediately peaked! I was unsure about it especially with smaller children but at his urging, we went ahead and got our tickets. I am so glad we did!

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