My Twins Are Cuter When Wearing Matching Outfits

My Twins are Cuter in Matching Outfits 

Written by Lauren

Is there anything more adorable than matching outfits on twins? When I found out I was expecting Boy and Girl Twins I always said I would never dress them the same… they are their own person, they are different genders, It’s so cliche… BLAH! BLAH! BLAH! Well, that lasted only as long as they were in my womb! Once they were born, BAM!.. matching outfits every day! I was always looking in the store, online, anywhere I could think to find matching outfits, I would literally google “Outfits for Boy and Girl Twins”. So needless to say, I’m always happy to hear about places, like My Twins are Cuter, who sell matching twin clothes!

Matching Outfits

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