BayB Brand Keeps Baby Covered Yearlong

Keeping Your Baby Covered This Winter With BayB Brand

The Many Reasons to Keep Your Baby Covered

Newborn babies are the sweetest thing. Anytime I see a baby carrier, I am anxious to sneak a peak. However, I have learned a few things from parenting my own babies. Keeping your baby covered, especially during the winter months is extremely important for more than just the reason of keeping them warm.

Baby Covered

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I Am Baby Blankets Show National Pride

Show Your National Pride With I Am Baby Muslin Blankets

Heritage. Such a powerful word that gets thrown around but if you ever take the time to truly think about what the word stands for, you will realize just how powerful it is. You may have no clue where you are going in your life but one thing you will always know is where you came from. Your parents (even if it is your adoptive or foster parents), the example set before you by your parents and grandparents, your town, your country ARE part of your heritage. Take pride in the heritage you have been given!

National Pride

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