What to Do for a Week in Sydney, Australia

A Week in Sydney, Australia  –  What to Do?

If you’re among those lucky ones who are able to spend a whole week in one of the most vibrant, cosmopolitan and attractive cities in the world, you should start planning your stay as soon as possible. The reason is very simple: no matter how much time you can afford to spend in Sydney, you won’t be able to see everything that this amazing place has to offer.

Sydney, Australia

That’s why you need to prioritise and plan to see as much as possible in just a week, without rushing from one place to another, but allowing enough time to soak up the atmosphere. Here are some suggestions that you might like, since they are based on the comments of people who’ve already had a similar Sydney-in-a-week experience.

Day 1

One of the most commonly mentioned tips is to take a Hop-on, Hop-off tour on the first day of your stay. This will allow you to get a good insight into a lot of things the city boasts. With so many stops all over the city, you can always take a break from the tour and walk around. If you feel particularly keen on spending more time visiting an attraction, you might want to plan to revisit it on another day. You might want to pay a visit to the Sydney Opera House on the first day and take a tour of the most popular attraction here, but that depends on how tired you are.

Sydney, Australia

Day 2

This might be a good day to organise a day trip and visit some attractive location in the vicinity of Sydney. If you don’t feel like renting a car and can’t rely on public transport, it might be a good idea to turn to a company that offers reliable coach hire in Sydney. You won’t have to worry about getting lost or parking your vehicle, but simply relax and enjoy the ride to your destination. The day can be rounded off with a nice dinner in one of many restaurants offering international or local cuisine.

Day 3

If you’re interested in flora, a visit to the Royal Botanic Garden is a must. You’ll be able to see not only some amazing flora from Australia, but also from all over the world. Visitors can relax and learn quite a lot about horticulture and botany. Not far away is the Art Gallery of New South Wales, offering some fantastic collections of Australian, Aboriginal, European, Asian and contemporary art.

Sydney, Australia

Day 4

After a day of relaxation and unwinding, you can take another mini-trip and we recommend you to visit the Blue Mountains World Heritage Area. This will allow you to see some of the most breathtaking landscapes, such as Katoomba Falls, Leura Cascades and many more. You’ll also be able to learn a lot about the Aboriginal culture of the region.

Day 5

A visit to Sydney wouldn’t be complete if you don’t dedicate some time to its stunning aquatic culture, which is why you should jump aboard the Eco Hopper and explore the best Sydney has to offer, including the National Maritime Museum.

Sydney, Australia

Day 6

This might be the perfect day to do some shopping and relax. The Queen Victoria Building offers some fantastic shopping opportunities and you’re bound to enjoy spending time in this 19th-century building packed with modern shops.

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Day 7

You should probably start packing for your trip home, but don’t miss an opportunity to take one last walk around the area where you’re staying and treat yourself to some local delicacies on your last day in Sydney. Remember that you’ve spent an amazing week down under and start planning your next trip!

Sydney, Australia

Australia is truly fascinating and Sydney is the most popular destination for a reason. Don’t think of your week here as something that will never happen again. On the contrary, chances are you’ll fall in love with the city and will return some day to see and do the stuff you didn’t have time the first time.

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