Super pH Ten Spring Water – The Perfect Ten

Super pH is the Perfect Ten

Staying hydrated is a no-brainer. I think everyone knows that. Did you know that the pH level of water, electrolytes, and minerals effects how well it hydrates you? Did you know that there is only one brand that is considered having a Super pH level (a level above 9 pH)? The only bottled water considered having a Super pH is Ten Spring Water with a perfect 10pH. 

Super pH

What Makes Ten Spring Water Different?

Ten Spring Water is sourced and bottled from natural, pure springs deep inside natural caves in the United States instead of municipal, filtered sources or limestone aquifers like the competitors. Since the competitors are using filtered tap water, you will often find non-absorbable calcium. The springs that Ten Spring Water uses are unique because they do not contain fluoride and contain very little calcium. These springs have been used for centuries and have offered nothing but a consistent source of exceptional water.

Super pH

The total dissolved solid (TDS) content is some of the lowest measured in the US, without having to modify the natural composition of the spring.

You can really taste the difference between the Ten Spring Water and other bottled water.

Super pH

We believe the best water comes from the Earth, not from a tap. 

Ten Spring Water is rich in electrolytes, alkaline, and minerals which means it provides the most natural and BEST hydration. Why is that important? Hydration is important for your health and allows you to feel your best and perform at your highest level. Ten allows you to get the maximum hydration without the calories.

Super pH

Tested and Approved

Physical and chemical testing is performed on an hourly basis every day throughout different stages of the bottling process. This ensures that the water meets the standards that Ten Spring Water stands by.

We love the pure and refreshing taste that nature has given this extraorinary water and you will too!


Where Can You Buy Ten Spring Water?

Available in half liter six-packs, one-liter bottles, and one-gallon jugs, Ten Spring Water can be purchased on Amazon, in specialty markets, and in Publix Super Markets.

Super pH

How Long Will the pH Balance Stay a Perfect 10?

Testing has been done in the labs to prove that Ten Spring Water’s pH balance will stay a perfect 10 pH for TWO YEARS! Ten Spring Water comes in a high-quality BPA-free bottle which helps maintain the perfect balance. Although, I highly doubt you will be able to keep this water around for two years… a case was gone in no time at our home because it really does taste so pure!  

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9 thoughts on “Super pH Ten Spring Water – The Perfect Ten

  1. Does the pH of water vary when temperature is different or it’s not made that way? Does it keep the pH level for a long time if not opened? I’m now getting curious of how the taste differs with regular water.

  2. Thanks for sharing your experience. It’s hard sometimes to know where the water we’re buying comes from. I hate thinking I’ve just bought water from someone else’s city. Good to know I don’t have to. I’m looking for it at my store this week.

  3. I am a huge pH fanatic. I think the highest I’ve ever gotten was 9.8. I have to check out this Super pH Ten spring water. Since learning about the essential benefit of pH water, it’s all I crave.

  4. I thought that I had heard of all the water brands, but I haven’t head of this one. It looks like a great choice. I will have to look for it.

  5. I only recently learned about pH and water. I was checking out at the grocery store and my cashier shared a lesson she learned in science class. It was fascinating! Ten sounds like a great choice. I’ll have to look for it!

  6. I have never heard of this water brand! It looks right up my alley! People don’t realize how important pH is for your body. When I drink pH water it is like I am a camel and can’t get enough to store up! Thanks for sharing this brand with me.

  7. We pay a lot of attention to the water we drink here. My husband drinks a lot of tea and so we have an electric kettle. Before we started drinking alkaline water, we noticed all the buildup of calcium in the kettle. Now we no longer get that. Can you imagine that going into our system?

    I’ve never tried as high as 10pH but I do use 9.5 for detox. I will have to check out this water for sure! Thanks for letting us know about it!

  8. I’ve always wondered about this. I’ve heard of alkaline water but have never had the chance to try it. I’ll try to order from Amazon and see how this one taste like. Thanks for sharing which brand to get.

  9. I really had no idea that the perfect pH of water is 10. I always believed that the temperature of the water had something to do with it (like when you crave cold water on a hot day). Now I’m curious about this brand 🙂

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