Summer Fun Visiting White Water in Branson, Missouri

Fun in the Sun at White Water in Branson, MO 

White Water Waterpark, part of the Silver Dollar City Attractions, gives a nice break from the heat without having to stay indoors! Water activities for the entire family will make for a day full of memories! The kids will even sleep great after playing hard in the sun all day long! You can thank me later for the suggestion! 🙂 Make sure you watch the video at the bottom.

White Water

For the Little Ones

A visit to Coconut Cave is a MUST! Any children under 52″ are allowed to play but that also means it is a safe place for the little ones to play without the bigger kids running them over. 

My daughter wasn’t too sure at first of all the places where the water would splash in her face but it didn’t take long before she got down right comfortable splashing and having a blast in the water. 

White Water

Hovering over a very shallow pool, a play area includes:

  • five slides
  • four water blasters
  • bubbler fountains
  • hose jets
  • tipping buckets

For the Family

This park IS all about making memories as a family so why not join in on some of the family rides? 

White Water

Splashaway Cay is a great place for all children to play together. We have a 14-year-old, 10-year-old and a 4-year-old. All three of them found places to play in the 20,000 square foot interactive play area at Splashaway Cay.

  • water slides (for up to 300lbs)
  • aqua shooters
  • splash geysers
  • elevated walkways
  • 150-foot long escape slide

White Water

Aloha River at Hula Hula Bay is where parents and children can relax while floating on a raft through the 800-foot jungle themed river. With unexpected twists and turns, you will find fountains, bubblers, misters, geysers, and even a 30-foot tall tiki water tower!

White Water

At Ohana Falls, riders must be 36 inches tall. You will load up to four people into a family sized raft, enjoying time with your family while the raft rolls up one side of the slide and down the other until it reaches the bottom. The raft will land in the pool of water at the bottom getting everyone wet for a grand finale!

White Water

Surf’s Up Wave Pool was a big hit for our family. I love how White Water has a screen above the wave generator giving everyone a countdown to the next time the waves will start. Every ten minutes, waves begin and then break for another ten minutes. This gives those who would rather play in more of a pool setting, a chance to splash and play between waves!

White Water

Calling All Adrenaline Junkies (AKA, my boys)

I am going to put these in the order my boys rated them from least scary to really scary! 

On Pipeline Plunge while sitting on a tube, you slide similar to the Ohana Falls ride that I talked about earlier. This one, only one person rides at a time though, so it is more intense with the twists, turns, and speed!

Waikiki Wave was next on the list. It was similar to the Pipeline Plunge but the whole thing is in the dark so you do not know what to expect from one moment to the next!

Kalani Towers Mat Race goes 25 miles per hour, head first on a mat. Four people can race to the bottom on this thrill seekers ride!

White Water

My oldest son had a hard time deciding which of the last two were the scariest! I decided FOR them based on my thoughts after riding each of them!

KaPau Plummet is a ride like no other. You step into the slide, they shut a door around you, the countdown begins then the floor falls out dropping you down the slide. You can watch a video clip of this happening in the video below! I was unsure if it would hurt when you hit the slide. Although you start standing, you have your back against the slide so you never feel the moment you go from standing to laying. After the floor falls out, you shoot down the slide that twists before coming out at the bottom of the slide. All of us (with the exception of my 4-year-old) rode this one multiple times! 

Kalani Towers Drop Slides is a 75-foot free fall that gains speeds of around 40 MILES PER HOUR! Yes, 40 MPH! I rode this as a child and to this day can think back to the feeling I had that very day! ABSOLUTE FEAR! My 14-year old loved it!

White Water

Here is a video of just a glimpse of the fun we had at White Water in Branson, Missouri!

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