Spend More Time with Your Kids: 5 Ways to Be Creative

Spending Time with Your Kids: 5 Ways to Be Creative

Spending time with your children is important on many levels. It carries psychological benefits for both parents and the child, creates stronger relationships and helps resolve issues. But today’s world is busy and people seem to be preoccupied with work and other engagements necessary for everyday survival.

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This doesn’t mean that the family comes last – on the contrary, the majority does it in order to help their families. It only means that time is scarce and you really have to put an effort to spare some for your kids. However, it is of utmost importance that you do since that will be the crucial element for your child’s development and understanding of the world.

One of the positive aspects includes that your child will feel loved and valuable which can help build their sense of self-worth and self-esteem. Since children tend to imitate their parents’ behavior, you will be able to imprint good values and habits. Additionally, you will get to know the strengths of your child and help them improve their weaknesses by teaching them how to properly voice their feelings and opinions.

Therefore, here are several creative ways you can spend more time with your kids, get to know them better and be a positive role model in their life.

Make delicious food together

Cooking is a perfect activity for children of all age. Small ones love the idea of preparing food, while the older ones will enjoy being trusted with responsibility. The best way to start making delicious food together is by baking cookies and cupcakes. These are fun because the children will get to decorate them in the end and add their own personal touch.

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You can go to the cooking classes together and learn to cook some more demanding meals. That way you will help each other go over the hard parts and find interesting twists.

Participate in their hobbies

Instead of you teaching them, let them teach you something. Children enjoy hobbies that grown-ups sometimes see as childish and that is perfect for a parent after long working hours. Find the child inside yourself and, for example, make jewelry together or fill in the coloring book.

If your child loves to dance, go to the dance lessons together and learn something new and exciting. Sharing a hobby will only make your children surer in themselves and your relationship will grow stronger.

Make a garden

Gardening is often the most advisable activity since it is fun and educational for children. However, instead of planting flowers, let your child choose vegetables and fruits you will grow in your garden. Include them in all stages of seeding, from the preparation of soil to nurturing it until the plants grow and bear fruit.

Time with kids

This is a great opportunity to teach your children responsibility, but also to create something meaningful and valuable together. They will learn about the origins of food and be more agreeable to eating vegetables since they helped them grow. But if a plant doesn’t succeed, start all over again and don’t let them be disappointed – this will be a great lesson in positive thinking.

Go sightseeing

For example: If you are lived as a family in Sydney Australia but you moved to Perth after the divorce, you will have to create a sort of schedule with your ex-partner for sharing the time with your child. In these instances, it is better to look for family advice from Sydney mediation services in order to find the most appropriate solution for all parties involved.
However, when you bring a child to your new place in Perth, book a tour and go sightseeing together. Visit the Perth Zoo, Kings Park, Museum of Western Australia and other notable attraction so they can get to know the place better. The same applies if you moved to anywhere else – meet your new place together with your child by doing fun and touristy stuff.

Game night

One of the most fun ways to spend quality family time together is if you designate one day a week for a game night. You can play all sorts of games, from those on the consoles to good old-fashioned ones, like Monopoly, for instance. Invite other extended family members to play with you like grandparents, uncles and aunts with their children if any.

Charades are great when played in the bigger company and that way you can be on the team with your kid. If you have a backyard, you can play volleyball or mini golf with your family, if you have the conditions to build a suitable course. Additionally, board games are always an excellent choice being that role-playing is something the kids are fond of.


There are many creative ways you can spend time with your kids no matter the circumstances. If you are separated or divorced from your partner, it’s important that your child doesn’t feel the tension. You may not be together anymore, but you will always be family and that is how you should both act in front and regarding your children.
Carefully listen to your children and try to understand what fascinates them and occupies their attention. That will help you come up with creative ways to spend more time with them and build a quality relationship.

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  1. I love going sightseeing with my family. Also my own family and my brother and sisters do enjoy family game nights. These are terrific ideas!

  2. We love cooking together as a family and also game night and gardening are great ways to spend time together!

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